Sunday, April 22, 2007

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hawaiian Fun Foods

Hawaiian Fun Food - How to eat and fall in love with POI.

Yes I said it... and I am one of those people who are totally in love with poi. Poi is a Hawaiian fun food. I love it with eggs and rice, ahi tuna, lomi lomi salmon, Hawaiian Lau Lau... Ohh yummy!

Hawaiian Poi is a purple root from the Taro plant that is pounded until it becomes paste like. It is one of the most nutritional form of carbohydrate in the world. I had made poi in my food processor which is not very sacred but it does work.

You have to start out right when tasting poi for the first time. Yes the first time with anything is important. You will decide yes or no.

I say yes!

Think of poi as kind of like yogurt, the unflavored kind, a bit sour. Poi when just made is not sour but after a couple days it turns sour, which is the way I like it best. Most Tu Tu's (grandmas) and aunties (name for most Hawaiian women over 50 or so out of respect) love their poi real sour too.

You need to try poi first at a authentic Hawaiian luau or a chance to go on one of the states Hawaiian food tours. Kalua Pig or chicken just out of the 'imu' is the Hawaiian way. An imu is an underground oven of sorts, done with banana leaves and rocks that are hand picked with great respect. Hawaiian fun food while different and entertaining also has many traditions of honor in Hawaiian history.

The feast will also include Lau Lau which is pork or chicken , a bit of salt pork wrapped up in a taro leaf which is covered then with banana leafs and either cooked in the imu or a pressure cooker or at least cooked for a very long time. Taro or lau lau leaves are the green leaves from the taro root. Taro leaves if not cooked for a very long time, at least 2 hours will give you what is called itchy throat, not exactly a Hawaiian fun food when it is not cooked long enough. I have had it before and while it is uncomfortable it is not the worst ever yet avoid it, why ruin a good lau lau or Hawaiian food tour?

Lomi, lomi salmon and rice are both traditional Hawaiian food served in this meal. Lomi lomi salmon is kind of like a tomato salsa.

OK.. so back to tasting. Take a bite of lomi lomi salmon and savor it. Next take a nice bite full of Lau Lau and rice, then finish it off with a one or two finger helping of poi.

Think yogurt at first. Blend the different tastes of all of the above and try to see how they compliment one another. Poi is what brings this all together... really!

Aloha and mahalo nui.

Check out my Hawaiian Squidoo. More info about travel and Hawaii and also my Hawaiian artwork.

The painting at the top is called "Poi Pounder" it is 34x40 oil on canvas. When I painted it I painting the color of the poi going up his arm, that may account for its magic. No matter where you stand in the room not only do his eyes follow you but his whole body. He is the watcher in my home usually. Right now this painting is hanging at Aloha Internet Cafe in Pahoa, Hawaii along with some 40 other paintings of my work. I am their artist in residence.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Whimsical Angels | The Mask

Whimsical Angels | The Mask can be found:

"Whimsical Angels | The Mask" 48x36 oil, gold leaf on canvas will be shown at the up and coming "Damez" at Monkdogz Urban Art in New York April 26th- June 2nd. Reception will be held on the 26th of April.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Gallery & Studio

Monkdogz great add on the back of Gallery and Studio Magazine for "Damez"!

See my name? YAY!

About the lounge at the Concord JFK:

British Airways Concorde Room at JFK

Monkdogz's latest exhibition of 8 exemplary artists sculptures is an installation in the most exclusive "flying club" in the world, the British Airways Concorde Room at New York's JFK International Airport.

The ConcordeRoom was designed by the CD partnership, Sir Terence Conran’s architecture and design practice, the Concorde Room at New York’s JFK airport for the ultimate jetsetters. The lounge is a design classic, like Concorde itself. Every piece of furniture is a celebration of 20th century design from the Corbusier chaise longue to the Matthew Hilton armchair, the Eileen Grey Bibendum chair to the Charles Eames lounger.

The lounge includes two wall drawings commissioned from distinguished artist Sol LeWitt at either end of the room. A mobile by Richard Smith shimmers in air currents behind the panels on the remaining side and a series of photographs of Marilyn Monroe by Eve Arnold are also highlights.

In this august setting, a sculpture wall was designed to showcase artwork between the main lounge and a smaller VIP room. The Monkdogz Exhibition includes Alex Racine, Charles Schindler, Rene Hinds, Kasper Holten, Richard Pitts, Sue Willis, Kevin Davenport, Richardo Norte, Laura Ann Jacobs and Noël Dorado.

"Contempory Art Today"

News from

History has dictated that occasionally windows of opportunity open within the art world. In the 1930s, artists like Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock just to name a couple, were afforded a platform to exhibit their work in New York City. The reception worldwide was significant. Again, in the early 1970s, artists like Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring were afforded the same opportunity.

We believe that as we go into 2007, the window opens once again but this time on a more international scale. The world today is very much a global village. Distances, time zones and different languages are no longer the barriers that they once were. The internet now allows us a level of communication that easily brings the world to us.