Saturday, November 19, 2005

"The Gossips" from my "Victorian Series"

I am going to be working on new blogs for each of my series. The one I am working on now is "The Victorian Series".

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This series is on my website as well

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I just LOVE this email from my friend Shan. I was blue because I felt overwhelmed and like a 'do nothing' yesterday. He propped me up with these words. Afterwards I asked him if he would send them to me in an email so I could digest it. Here it is for you too, essentially anyway... if you want a bit of Shan magic!

Hi Kathy,

"Few things in life have such obvious correlation's but the name or the word 'Sucksess' is a description of what happens when you go down the rabbit hole to the wonderland of your dreams. You get sucked in and you have to confront alot of things and do battle with them to overcome the power they have over you. Some ideas make you feel bigger others make you feel small and the ideas your mother gave you are filled with guilt so spit those suckers out. If you can't live your life the way you want doing what makes you feel good, who's life are you going to live? When you surrender and stop struggling then the war is over and you can go back to doing what your here for. Its all so simple if we could just choose the life we want "BUT" We have to face our own demons and then sweep them sweep them away. Your light is bright and your work is good. Every-time you feel that guilt thing come up. Recognize it for what it is and give it back to the person it came from and then do something
nice for yourself."



Saturday, November 12, 2005

What changes us?

What makes us decide 'one day'.... that 'this day' we will do better?

'This day' we will smile on everything as if we were seeing it for the first time.
'This day' we will take time out for our own selves.
'This day' we will climb that emotional mountain that seemed inconceivable 'yesterday'.
'This day' we 'will' do what we had only 'hoped' we would do 'before'.

'This day' we will FLY.


PS I have decided to update my blog weekly instead of daily. I am going to spend more time smiling at flowers, petting kittens and noticing the present moment.

Friday, November 11, 2005

I took this picture at my One Woman Show in Kauai. I love it... the poet and the belly dancer... I am not even going to interpret it... I will paint it someday for sure though.

Last night I watched Oprah... up til 12:30 ... maybe you saw it?

Her theme this year is:


What Have You Done Today?

Make Yourself PROUD!
Taken from her website

What Oprah knows for sure, she says, is that your proudest moments are almost always about what you can do for someone else. "When you give, it creates a circle," Oprah says. "And it comes back to you, and you get even more in return."
Heather* says that she wrote the song "PROUD" to remind herself to think of others. "It's about little things that you can do to make somebody else feel good," she says. "Sometimes we get out of bed and we're not very happy. I think that rather than make myself happy, I should go out there and make somebody else happy."
*Heather Small sang her song on Oprah show and it will be the theme song and show theme for this season.

I think this puts a wonderful focus on living and is possibly the best reason to be living.. to feel the present moment and to make ourselves proud by doing something... even if it is tiny.. that is good. I am going to try anyway.

Most of my writing has been from old poems of regret... I have come to know that as I type them out each day and post them on my blog. What a wonderful learning experience. I may still post them but I will understand the difference in myself more because of it. Onward right? Optimism is a wonderful thing as is giving.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Uneven ... the glow
a glow ... supposed
a tool shown to mystery guests
and traveling pests.
Unraveled in harvested moons
your tunes
wrestled tunes
yet oh ... my captured wounds.
I wrap them around cellophane hearts
a tour ... be proud
somehow lost in a crowd
glasses high
toast to the note-cards
that sort out my mind against hypocrisies
I sort out my mind ... in the end

There are days of unregistered rhymes
and they seem to be advancing upon undying darkness.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

"The Writer"

He is the writer of beautiful songs
he strokes out my passions
from evening till dawn
he weaves through my memories
and the playground of life
settles my balance
and evens my tide.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Last night I won a "Juror's Choice Award" for my 48x36 oil on canvas painting "Denny" at "The All Hawaii Juried Fall Exhibition 2005" presented by the East Hawaii Cultural Council in Hilo, juried by Carol Yotsuda.

Friday, November 04, 2005


I seem to have new pathways to assemble.
The steam reaches out and irons out the discontentment of time.
I step past memories and longings and reach out.
Life is unclear
impossible to be real.
Days go by and I find myself in a new reality,
a reality of happy.
You lend me the fragrance of freedom,
the air of pause,
in the water and substance there is a tranquility I have never known.
My soldier of old,
my lament,
I am always so afraid they'll take you from me.
I dare not completely touch today
or sleep and find you gone,
and learn you have never been with me at all.
So I smile on the pathway
maneuver my continence.
I cannot live in the shadow of regret
and not see what is right there in front of me.
This spirit being now and present, not meant to be over analyzed.
There are doors belonging to freedom
and they all have special handles.
I can decorate them, understand them, hold them, charm them,
or let them go.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

"Tiny Remains"

Unconnected thoughts that ring in much decay,
where the survivors scramble and tears never end.
Emotions run high and moods decide,
generosity is a cure for strangers,
but you and I..... divide into equal parts,
and squabble over tiny remains.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"So Goes The Time"

a song:

Dreams encircle my mind
live up to promises
stolen by time... take back the time
when dreams were young and you were mine.

Slide into shadow and waves
remembered by some
some.... who were young
remember the time, remember the time?

Cherish the simple
the mood in my stead
reach out to love songs
stroking your breath.
I will be there
in all that you do
in all that you dream
and don't follow thru.

Dreams collide or abide
testing their way
some... will decay
but I... I miss you, the closeness of you.

A blow delivered by fate
she smiles and eyes know
and the rhymes
but I...will always remember the time, the time.

And so goes the time
so goes the time
and so goes the time.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"Those Sensitive People"

a continuing story....

The colony of Emerings stayed on at the pond, not being able to return to the sea, because they found themselves in a weakened state. It was little enough to endure though to be around Dallyanne, their treasured land creature and friend.
Emerings thrive from the glow of shimmerings. Shimmerings being the greatest treasure that brought not only health but insight to achieving well being; the element that stokes the inner child when it feels abandoned. The shimmerings that had been lost from a previous expedition were found for the most part, but not completely intact. Until they resolved how and what to replace missing pieces of the shimmerings with, they had no plans to leave the pond. Shimmerings were made up of radiant light that glowed with the the essence of rainbows. They healed not only mind and body but lifted the spirit... the spirit being life itself. What was missing in the shimmerings was the full spectrum of radiance. This was not something that they could find from a vine or mist of the air, it had to come from an inner spark of someone or something that stood out in the darkness. This might be found from a human who had transferred their worries into optimism and embraced extraordinary ideas. This was seen in Dallyanne. The question in the Emerings hearts was whether or not to take it from her.

to be continued....