Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I just LOVE this email from my friend Shan. I was blue because I felt overwhelmed and like a 'do nothing' yesterday. He propped me up with these words. Afterwards I asked him if he would send them to me in an email so I could digest it. Here it is for you too, essentially anyway... if you want a bit of Shan magic!

Hi Kathy,

"Few things in life have such obvious correlation's but the name or the word 'Sucksess' is a description of what happens when you go down the rabbit hole to the wonderland of your dreams. You get sucked in and you have to confront alot of things and do battle with them to overcome the power they have over you. Some ideas make you feel bigger others make you feel small and the ideas your mother gave you are filled with guilt so spit those suckers out. If you can't live your life the way you want doing what makes you feel good, who's life are you going to live? When you surrender and stop struggling then the war is over and you can go back to doing what your here for. Its all so simple if we could just choose the life we want "BUT" We have to face our own demons and then sweep them sweep them away. Your light is bright and your work is good. Every-time you feel that guilt thing come up. Recognize it for what it is and give it back to the person it came from and then do something
nice for yourself."



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