Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Quiet The Lips Of An Angel, NO! A Fantasy Art Woman Speaks Out For Fairies Unknown"

It is nonsense to not believe in magic!
To quiet the lips of an angel
is utterly pathetic.
It is lonely without enchantment
no castles
no legends of mermaids
no fairy dust
how sad to not believe in what could be.
What a silly hoax!

Pick up all your numbers
fill up your tent
gather all your consequences
dreams never dreamt.
Figure out a timeline
travel in your loss
sip wine with dinner
look out on the horizon
what you have lost.
But still you will not know
what you have never seen...

It is nonsense to not believe in magic.
You silly man.
Yet for you it is pitifully true
legends of mermaids
whimsical angels
fantasy fairies
will not pause on your doorstep uninvited.

I am a mermaid
I knew I would be when I was young
I felt moisture on my skin
and swam to castles underwater
twas there I captured sailors
just like you.

I am a fantasy fairy
because flowers became my friend.
They taught me what is most important
to not lose site of my imagination
to never stop creating
to caress ideas close to my heart
and cradle them there
to allow them to stretch out their lacy wings
and fly.

I am the dragon
who lived in your closet
when you were young.
I am the smoke.
I am the fire that roars when danger calls me
I am the rescuer of my own story.
You my friend are left to your own fate of disbelief.

I am a swan
I came from distant lands
I stand in waiting for visions
of uninhibited stories.
I wear a crown
of the very same jewels
that you sweat and toil for.

A glorious prince beyond
I become the princess
that walks among the roses.
I smell the scent of bliss
and restore tears to laughter
or reminisce about the broken of heart
I am the lonely soldier
who mourns on unvisited graves.

I collect whimsical angel pictures
they become alive to me.
I can hear them breathing.
The wind rushes through my hair
I linger there and find life
beyond what others measure.

I am the entrance to a vision
the moon inside the dark
colors enlightened
pathways beyond doom
flowers that have found their voice
rainbows of promise
I am a playful tune.

Oh no!
Do not tell me magic is not real
you simply would not know.
Go home and count your change young man
build a mountain if you like.
Surmise and gather what is seen
put it in a bottle
and it will remain empty.
Without magic there will be no glow.
I know what you do not know
you silly man.

I do not quiet the lips of an angel
nor cover her wrath.
Legends of mermaids will always include tales
of the mermaids vengeful path.
Fantasy fairies know
they come to me with anger
they move the dragons smoke
their vision is everlasting
and holding out for hope.

Coming Soon!

"In Search Of Klimt" series is being expanded and will include new images and stories. There will also be a handy dandy shopping cart for purchases of prints, posters, greeting cards and fine art giclee prints. I also hope that you will sign up on my mailing list because I am going to have free gifts to share with you like a free downloadable letter from the tooth fairy and whimsical angel drawings.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Have You Ever Read Anything So Beautiful?"

I poem I wrote this morning, perhaps to be continued.

"Inside This Fairies Heart"

She turned the page
To find the words
Of innocence
And she could barely speak.

Consequences she had unraveled
had no place
inside that fairies heart.

All the pitiful soldiers
Lined up as soldiers do
Who will speak for Lily
One soldier wants so know.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

"The Mermaid Baby"

Last April I fell and broke my right arm. I also received nerve damage and it is not certain that I will regain full use of my hand back. An artist without the use of her right hand is almost more than I could handle. I am drawing now though and am finding things I had not noticed before my fall. I wrote this poem in honor of new discoveries found and treasured.

"I Stood Inside A Rainbow"

I stumbled to find myself
wanting to be lifted
and yet
I fell to smell the earth.

I stayed there for hours
me in brown beginnings
researching the treasure
that before
I had only walked upon.

I pointed my finger
into a tiny hole.
I hoped I might discover
one thing different
I had not known before.

Alas I found myself mesmerized
as an ant climbed from its cave.
One ant, one tiny ant
a delicate treasure, and
a focus in my day.

He became like none other
I had ever seen before
I chosen to lean my attention
sit in pause
and hear life, and its
unmistakable roar.

A reflection in a pond
beyond the ants tiny hole
I leaned to meet the journey.
Who knew a lake would open
by the magic of my own smile.

I found myself host
to a thousand tiny angels
and an afternoon of solace.
I toasted all the Universe
and from roses
I sniffed a glistening vapor of hope.

I knew thirst to touch the dew on roses
and treasure all they had to say
found comfort in their voices
as the sun met their moisture
of an ever so brilliant day

I stood inside a rainbow
Its colors met my skin.
Stepping then outside myself
decoding past objections
I accepted miracles were calling
and stood back to watch them grow.

20 October 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

"The Mask"
36x48 oil, gold leaf on canvas

available in giclee,cards and posters


The other day we lost the right of habeas corpus (Military Commissions Act ) and there was little more than a whisper coming from Americans in protest. We should be marching in the streets. Hopefully ballot boxes will tell a 'truthful' story and not be rigged. Hopefully we will as a nation not continue to give Bush the right to take away 'our rights'.

When will we decide that history has much to tell us? My friend Carol spent three years in an internment camp because of her Japanese heritage. When she got out the first thing she noticed was trees. I heard her speak to a group of artists not long ago. She shared some of her little paintings of trees that she painted constantly as a child.

My husband Denny is a disabled Vietnam Vet due to Agents Orange, White, Blue and Pink. He lives in pain every day of his life. War is not something to be taken lightly. Denny went into teaching because of the eyes of the children in Vietnam. He wanted to make a difference in the world and knew it had to begin with the children. He was forced to quit something that he loved because the pain became too intense to continue. Most of his life is spent in distraction as his health continues to remind him of his limitations. Most Americans are surprised to know that our government continues to shine all of these soldiers on.

Children are 'not' the same everywhere. Children are not the same in Vietnam even today and children are not the same in Iraq as they are in America, their eyes have seen much more. As a nation we must not just ask why we must scream it with our vote.

There is a lot at stake in less than 3 weeks. Hopefully people will get out of their houses and VOTE.

Habeas corpus 'was' our most precious gift as Americans. For more on the Military Commissions Act and habeas corpus check out:

'Beginning of the End of America' by Keith Olbermann.

"For, on this first full day that the Military Commissions Act is in force, we now face what our ancestors faced, at other times of exaggerated crisis and melodramatic fear-mongering: A government more dangerous to our liberty, than is the enemy it claims to protect us from." Keith Olbermann, Countdown, MSNBC

Get out the VOTE!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

"They're Friends You Know"
24x48 oil, gold leaf on canvas

"A Fantasy Art Woman Offers Advise On Family Dynamics, With a HUGE Disclaimer!"

We often want to change family/friends dynamics and find ourselves in the middle of problems that may never be solved. Below are the opinions of a fantasy art woman and I guess this is a disclaimer of sorts. I write this with love though so take what you feel works for you and continue to create your own map.

As a fantasy art woman I know that being sensitive is a tool for good for many things; yes of course the arts; nurturing and caring when no one else seems to, are just a couple examples. Being sensitive is not an enemy it is a gift. What we do with that gift can become our enemy though so it is good to bookmark episodes when we did or did not use our gift well. There are fantasy fairies waiting to see what gifts you bring, so cradle that in your heart and make mental note of beautiful ribbons on a brightly gift wrapped treasure.

I think one of the lessons I have learned that has worked for me is that "I' am not responsible for other peoples relationships. I think the 'complexities' of individual relationships dictate that. I think that each person is finding their way. They listen to a very small amount of what other people say so most advise falls on deaf ears. Who we are in the journey thus traveled, what fantasies or dreams we adhere to, and who we will be, is formed by our hopes and well meaning and our own ability to learn from the past.

I am ME and you are YOU and our responsibility to this Universe is to do good things around us to make the world a better place.

As a sensitive soul your soft nurturing nature, the fairies and longing for beauty inside your heart and your need to want people to do the right thing is 'good'. What doesn't work is not accepting your limitations in the scenario and trying to dictate reactions and responsibilities. You are responsible for 'your' reactions and how you respond to the set of responsibilities you decide are meaningful is 'your' map. You are not responsible for drawing out other peoples maps. In many ways if you adopt this attitude of watching without judgement and knowing that everyone is doing the best they can for 'who they are' could be a big relief to you. I know it is to me. With this article I offer you loving advise, what you do with it, accept it, think it is off base or whatever, is up to you in the end. It is not my role to 'insist' on anything except what I 'can' control and that is my own responses and reactions to things around me.

I, as a fantasy art woman, think the Universe is indeed a zillion tiny beads of light. We add or take away from that light by the choices we make, by the environment we create with our own presence. The mood that fills a room can be changed by one person from one extreme to the other, you know that is true. I have the same battles as you do and I fail pitifully more often than not. I am trying to recognize it though, my map and my role in the Universe. Once we accept our role and the miracles of living we are under obligation to keep trying.

So that is my advise but then I am just a fantasy art woman.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Testing The Climate"
36x24 oil,gold leaf on canvas
available in giclee

Or purchase the original at Monkdogs Urban Art

"Exceed Your Potential, Aim Past Excellence: An Artist's Story of Serendipity"

"Exceed your potential and your dream will be great. After you realize something is absolutely spectacular say to yourself, 'How can I improve this?" ~ Robert Hogge, Marina Hadley, Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery

I have been an artist since I was four years old. I can't help myself, I 'have to' paint and sculpt and create, it is in my soul. It is my love, my hobby, my craft. I am an artist who is constantly looking for representation and on the quest to get my work out there. Marketing is 3/4 of the ball game but for artists this often a difficult game to play.

Artists dream of hanging their work in New York, I am no exception. I am constantly putting out feelers, writing ezine articles, posting my work on on-line galleries and setting up places to show. I also respond to emails!

I met Bob and Marina through the internet. I received an email from Bob about two years ago complimenting me on my art. We became email buddies. Who can resist flattery right? Little did I know my email buddy had great things planned. One day you are email buddies sharing the small stuff, the next day your email buddy creates a gallery online. OK wonderful. I posted my art on his site. Bob had bigger things up his sleeve though. A few months later, with his long time business partner Marina, Bob opened his own gallery in Chelsea, New York! Wow!

I watched and listened and measured my own potentials as an artist as Bob and Marina lived up to their philosophy and continued towards excellence. Self improvement gurus always tell you to find a mentor then do what they do. My mentors had aimed beyond spectacular and met their target.

I received an email from Bob after the galleries first opening telling me of the nights events. Part of what he wrote to me is below:

"It's the White House." The first call of the evening Monkdogz Urban Art received congratulating them on the gallery and wishing the artists success came at the Presidents request from the White House! "The President couldn't come because of a scheduling conflict but wished Bob and Marina and the artists all the very best on their inaugural show." No matter what you think of the incumbent the response to their invitation was 'very cool!' ~Bob

Nothing Bob and Marina do is without consideration for excellence. Gallery and Studio Magazine's managing editor Ed McCormack, a former associate of Andy Warhol was interviewed and posted on Monkdogz online gallery debut. Ed and Jeannie McCormack cover the New York art scene and are still avid supporters of the Chelsea gallery.

Richard Calderhead of Art in NY wrote "No gallery in New York has more energy or heart for art"

In keeping with their philosophy of going beyond the spectacular, Bob and Marina did not stray from their vision.

I think we miss the serendipity of life sometimes. We plan and fret and spin our wheels. Sometimes we miss that our dreams are being fulfilled right in front of us and we walk past them. We work hard to meet our goals but fall short of noticing that 'spectacular' is within reach. As I said, I have been an artist since I was four years old, so why wouldn't I accept spectacular things happening? Why not? Why not see the same excellence I expect from my brush that meets my canvas to also find it's way to my dream of showing in New York? Why not? Why decide that dreams being met are for other people? Mentors come into our lives to show us the way.

So did I ever get my work to New York? Yes indeed I did! My show with Monkdogz Urban Art was called "7".

Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Whimsical Angel Drawings and a One Winged Angel"

I will take in the sky
and hold it's beautiful offerings.
I will collect whimsical angels.
A one winged angel I will be.

I project the strokes it takes to paint this fairy.
I will push out colors
my palette close at hand.
My one winged angel
disguised at times
her identity to be revealed.

I sift through all my seeds
sort out the ones that will give new life
and watch the rest
fly softly into the wind
to safely find their way.

I reached beyond a rainbow
and drench myself in fairy dust.
I gathered mermaid pictures.
and magical mystical creatures.
I read legends of mermaids.
I had debates about enlightenment.
I heard tales from the lips of angels.
I am a fantasy wild woman,
a one winged angel.
I take out my crayons and make
tiny whimsical angel drawings.

I am a tiny fairy
a one winged angel
anything that strikes my fancy.
I am everything I decide to include
in my journal each and every day.
Words on pages
illustrations of my mood.
A one winged angel
or a culmination of visions.

I will paint whimsical musicians
and beautiful women.
I will sculpt a castle and live there at will.
I will gather letters from the tooth fairy
keep them in a wooden case for emergencies.
I will create a cabaƱa
serve chocolate eclairs and tea.
I will share my blessed cookbook
and quote affirmations of love.
I will post fairy coloring pages
set them in line
color them when I fell bored.
I will cut out paper dolls
that only dance at midnight.
I will find dragons, capture their fire
and warm my toes on cold days.
Goddess of art
a tale for today
I coast
I spin
I coat my visions with creativity.
Whimsical angel drawings
fantasy art of a goddess
I am or long to be.

Whimsical Angel Drawings and a One Winged Angel Conquer All Or None

Innocent angels
I gave you a key?
I opened the door often
so that you dear friends
would remember me.
There are no debates
about finding enlightenment
this window has never had curtains.
Samples of love affirmations
tied with bright and colorful ribbons
reminded me.

I am a one winged angel
and in my hand
I still have the treasures that sparked it all
my beautiful whimsical angel drawings
held fastly with my one free hand.