Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Whimsical Angel Drawings and a One Winged Angel"

I will take in the sky
and hold it's beautiful offerings.
I will collect whimsical angels.
A one winged angel I will be.

I project the strokes it takes to paint this fairy.
I will push out colors
my palette close at hand.
My one winged angel
disguised at times
her identity to be revealed.

I sift through all my seeds
sort out the ones that will give new life
and watch the rest
fly softly into the wind
to safely find their way.

I reached beyond a rainbow
and drench myself in fairy dust.
I gathered mermaid pictures.
and magical mystical creatures.
I read legends of mermaids.
I had debates about enlightenment.
I heard tales from the lips of angels.
I am a fantasy wild woman,
a one winged angel.
I take out my crayons and make
tiny whimsical angel drawings.

I am a tiny fairy
a one winged angel
anything that strikes my fancy.
I am everything I decide to include
in my journal each and every day.
Words on pages
illustrations of my mood.
A one winged angel
or a culmination of visions.

I will paint whimsical musicians
and beautiful women.
I will sculpt a castle and live there at will.
I will gather letters from the tooth fairy
keep them in a wooden case for emergencies.
I will create a cabaƱa
serve chocolate eclairs and tea.
I will share my blessed cookbook
and quote affirmations of love.
I will post fairy coloring pages
set them in line
color them when I fell bored.
I will cut out paper dolls
that only dance at midnight.
I will find dragons, capture their fire
and warm my toes on cold days.
Goddess of art
a tale for today
I coast
I spin
I coat my visions with creativity.
Whimsical angel drawings
fantasy art of a goddess
I am or long to be.

Whimsical Angel Drawings and a One Winged Angel Conquer All Or None

Innocent angels
I gave you a key?
I opened the door often
so that you dear friends
would remember me.
There are no debates
about finding enlightenment
this window has never had curtains.
Samples of love affirmations
tied with bright and colorful ribbons
reminded me.

I am a one winged angel
and in my hand
I still have the treasures that sparked it all
my beautiful whimsical angel drawings
held fastly with my one free hand.

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