Sunday, September 24, 2006

"Testing the Climate"
36x48 oil on canvas

I reach for truth, for understanding, I am testing my way and "Testing the Climate". Legends of mermaids inside of me, I bow my head and meditate on oceans that meet exotic lands as the wetness of a pond touches my toes. I am awakened by magical moons and mystical creatures that measure my journey towards female fantasy art, how far I had come and how far I could go was up to me. Did I need to paint a tail to swim to paint beautiful mermaid art?

"Your flight my art fairy, is up to you", breathed the Wind. "The moon is right, you need only to find your wings or tail 'in heart' to understand the mermaid legends you seek to glean from their valuable truths".

I love masks, secrets and hidden treasures. I keep them well cared for in my secret garden and pond. Sweet fairy in art, inner child in me, with a tear in my eye I pause. Reaching out for my brushes and paints I find everything is full of potential. The fairies in art, mermaids in me, in you, gather together in spirit. Close your eyes and touch your toes into a pond of possibilities and listen for messages that only a fairy or mermaid can tell you.

The greatest gift of any "Beginning" is that it holds the opportunity of learning. Everyone has a starting point, EVERYONE! So in the "Beginning" learning may hold some frustrations because it is about problem solving. Problems may not be considered problems if they bring us to the point of experiencing the present moment. 'Now', which is experiencing life as it is in the very second we live, is the greatest gift of all. While "Testing the Climate" I am testing my will. Does mermaid art need an ocean and a mermaid a tail to capture their story? As I so lovingly collect the objects of learning and accept lace and whispers from the women I paint I become transfixed on my goal of smelling the fragrance offered at the very second it is available. I learn from legends of mermaids and accept that everything I need to fly or swim is there inside of me right here right now.

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