Thursday, November 30, 2006

Aloha Outpost

I have about 50 paintings hanging in Aloha Outpost. Lamont is fantastic! Be sure to hunt him down if you ever come to the Big Island of Hawaii. Check out Puna Nation on this website too for some great music. I painted the above logo with the turntable, Lamont, and the volcano with flying disks. Lamont's idea. ~Kathy

The following is info about Aloha Outpost:

The Aloha Outpost is part tomorrow, part yesterday and all of each day. People have described it as “the sandwich joint,” “the information and communication hub”, “friendliest place in town” and “coffeehouse of tomorrow”. Established in 2002, the Outpost now is one of the largest businesses in Pahoa, and still provides that “small coffee shop” feel. Whether you are a visitor or resident, you’ll get the same down home welcome.

If you come to the Big Island of Hawaii and migrate to the Hilo side,
the 25 minute drive to the Outpost is a must!

The origin of the name “outpost” is from LaMont’s former days as a training and development manager for Restaurants Unlimited. “When I was traveling around the country helping open new restaurants “ LaMont explains, “ I would call the home office back in Seattle and say I was reporting from Outpost and use whatever unit number the store was. I guess it’s also a reference to all those westerns I watched as a kid as well. After I thought about it, I also remembered the Stuckey’s Restaurants that were the highlight of many road trips. You would find all kinds of interesting things there.”

“The aloha was somewhat an obvious call,” LaMont also explains. “You have to give back to the island.”

CHECK OUT Puna Nation:

Mixing classic Hip Hop, R&B and Rap and Dance, PAD is the nighttime beat of Pahoa. Get the head bobbin’ with us here in the café or anywhere else in the world This is your daddy’s old school. (Parental Advisory is in effect as lyrics in some selections played can be offensive.

After moving here three years ago, I quickly found out there was no radio station to suit my taste. Since I have DJ experience and do voice-overs, I went to the local radio station to peddle my wares. After hearing nothing I decided to start my own. We play lounge and club music, nothing too strong, just something to tap your fingers and toes to, or to hear in the background as you sip one of our beverages and chill here in the Café. If you listen to us through the internet, relax, close your eyes and imagine that you are here in the groove with us.

Lamont Carrol


Thursday, November 23, 2006

An Interview With Kathy Ostman-Magnusen (Part One)


When did you first discover that art would be an important part of your adult life?

Several years back I worked at a craft co-op in Santa Barbara. It was the first time I realized that there was real money to be had doing crafts. There was a potter in the co-op who was making consistent sales. My ex husband made me a wheel, we took an Adult Ed night class and learned how to throw. After about the 6th class, during a question and answer session, my ex announced that we were going to make our living doing pottery. The whole room grew dead silent and everyone looked at him stunned with their mouths open...iINCLUDING ME!

We did in fact quit our jobs some 6 months later, moved to the mountains in N. California and did just that.

I just want to interject however that I don't consider the 'production' of anything as art, rather a craft that stems from art.

How has creating art shaped you professionally and personally?

The souvenir pottery business gave me a lot of know how. One small step at a time while asking A LOT of questions along the way gave me a wonderful education and confidence.

Production pottery, production anything for that matter, is a soul robber. While I gained marketing tools and learned that to achieve my goals I needed to be a self starter, I also realized that money can turn someone into a machine. I painted during all of that time but I did not feel the freedom of expression I have found since I walked away from that business.

Marketing something that is mass produced, even though completely hand made is easier to handle than marketing art, from the heart. You take it pretty personally if someone rejects your soul on canvas. I find myself vulnerable to criticism but because my goal is also marketing my art I accept it. I want my work to get better and criticism is a part of that. I might cry and feel pathetic for a few days but then I press forward. I think I am a more balanced and centered person because of art. I AM also pretty spacie at times but as an artist but I don' apologize for that, it is just me going within.


How has society influenced your art? Are there any social implications in your art?

Several years ago I was at a crafts fair with my pottery. I had two of my paintings there that I was delivering to a nearby gallery. These paintings were from my "Erotica Series". This series really does not show anything that might offend anyone except for the expression on the face or the setting, i.e. one of my pieces is "Lap Dancer", yet she has her hands over her breasts. The paintings at that show were much tamer than that though. A man came up to me quite upset and wanted me to take the paintings away. I asked him, "Why?" What did he think he was seeing? He had no answer because he was only seeing the suggestion of what he felt was wrong. He became very flustered and walked away. I must confess I kind of got off by toying with him, but that is not the reason I paint my "Erotica Series". I continue adding work to that series because I paint women in all contexts and scenarios and I just don't think sex is a bad thing.

I have many ongoing series; Hawaiian; African; Cosmopolitan; Fairy's and Mermaids; etc. My ethnic paintings have social relevance because history vrs.society is implicated by the subjects expression and attire. An example of this is many of my Hawaiian paintings are taken from historical photos during a very dark period for Hawaiians. They lost their land, their Queen and their culture in one clean sweep. Their faces reflect the emotions that anyone would feel under such oppression. I paint my African Series in a different context. My goal in that series is to paint triumph, pride and strength. My mermaids and fairy's convey the hope for magic that we all long for. I just think we are multi dimensional and should not limit our thinking. We have all struggled in one way or another and should try to relate in some way to others in their sorrow or fresh awakening to fantasy.


What are your artistic influences? Has anyone inspired you?

Gustav Klimt, I have a series called "In Search of Klimt". I have tons of books that go on sale at Borders or wherever. Da Vinci and Michelangelo live in my house along with all the impressionists. I comb emotional content from anything I see including children's drawings. Art is everywhere and in everything. If a child or even an adult comes to me with a ball point pen drawing there is redemption in it and I look for that. When I find it, I find their heart and mine.

My husband has inspired me a lot because he believes in me and encourages me to create. I have a few friends like my friend and web-master Carrie who encourage and believe in me as well. They aspire to inspire and their gift to me is remarkable.


Tell me a little about your background. Are your past experiences reflected in the work you do today? If so, how?

I am a self taught figurative artist and illustrator. I believe that talent is passion and desire and the rest is practice. I also feel that anything can be learned from a book and inspiration is found even in a fallen leaf.

As I already said I owned and operated my own souvenir pottery business in Northern California. I had eight contracted workers and one full time shipper. Products were created, hand sculpt, wheel thrown and personalized to meet each clients specific needs. My company shipped to most National Parks, Disney World, J C Penny and over 1000 specialty shops all over the US. After 20 years in the souvenir business I decided to focus on her painting and sculpting.


How long have you been a working artist?

When I was a little girl I actually peddled my work to neighbors. I have memories of charging my mothers friends a nickel for my theater shows and art lessons for their children.

A true marketing sense came to play when I had my pottery business though.


If you could pinpoint the characteristics of people who collect your art, what would they be?

I think they relate to my passion. We seem to long for the same rainbow or dream.


Discuss one of your pieces. (Let me know which one you are talking about."What were you thinking when you created it?

NOTE: I already have an article about 3 pieces posted on Buzzle and Ezine Articles. If you do not want all three then feel free to just pull one example. ~ Kathy

An Artists Journey of Color and Mood
This is a journey of sorts from one frame of mind to another and the colors and moods that guided me. I describe three paintings and their process.

"Anticipation" 36x24 oil on canvas, dated, Sept. 1998 part of my "Passion Series"*
was actually a breakthrough piece for me. I had been painting my "Victorian Series" for months, spending hours on modulating the colors. I paint a lot from photos. My goal with the "Victorian Series" was to put in as many colors in the skin tone as I could. Looking at a photo or life long enough a lot of colors begin to show themselves that normally go unnoticed. Modulating many colors I became frustrated and board after finishing 10 or so of them. I had a canvas that I had painted a dark blue and decided that maybe it would be ok to just play.....and not modulate at all. I found a picture that I liked, studied the colors, filled my brush a fresh for each stroke and applied them to my canvas. I have not modulated since. I continued painting with this color palette naming the series "The Passion Series". I still tried to fit every color in the rainbow on my palette as I do to this day adding small nuances wherever I can. I would add here too that the series before "The Passion Series" was "Hawaiian Legacy" which is predominantly done in sepia, tones.

Monday, November 20, 2006

"I thought I Killed Tony. WAAA! But It Wasn't My Fault After All"

I want to start this out by saying that I have never had bugs or lizards of snakes or anything like that in my house. I am indeed one of those women who screams if I see a spider. I have never liked little crawly things and have always considered the best place for them is outside.

" Well of course!" ... I can HEAR you thinking!

OK... but with all of that said, I live in Hawaii now and the rules have changed considerably.

If you visit Hawaii and stay in a hotel it is not likely that you will come across a gecko in your room. Hotels take special care (like poison) so you will not come across these little critters with suction cups on their widespread toes. Your loss unless you visit someone's home like mine.

I have lived in Hawaii for about nine years now and I have adjusted my thinking more than I would ever have imagined possible. Spiders that I once feared like the common Wolfie Spider is minor to me now. The Wolfie is dwarfed by the Cane Spider and might I just add a scream and an, "EWWW!" here because they are indeed that huge and that awful. Let's not even mention centipedes because I have this theory that whenever I talk about them much, they show up to remind me how horrible they are. I will tell you though, that I have seen them just about 10 inches long. OK, lets not go there. You see what I mean though about the Wolfie being a minor threat in comparison?

I don't spray for geckos like the hotels do nor do I put out those cruel sticky things, that people use for rats and mice, like some of my friends, to protect their computers and stuff. I think those sticky things are inhumane and should be banned. I don't do anything at all about the some 15-20 geckos and I am just guessing here, that live inside my house. YES! I said it and admit to it, they live INSIDE my house. They chirp at night and even sometimes poop on my paintings. After nine years I am indeed used to it and that is my only excuse.

So what about Tony? Who the heck is Tony, are you wondering? You have probably figured out by now that Tony is a gecko that I have chosen to name. I not only named him but allowed him to lick my cup after my nightly hot chocolate treat. This is a terrible habit I have gotten into, that really must go. as I can feel a few extra pounds because of it. Tony loved it though and I must say that I really thought is was the cutest thing ever to see him over the edge of my cup licking away. He had the cutest little tongue.

One night I was out of things to make hot chocolate. Tony sat... humm.. or stood? Well, whatever geckos do, he was there on my bed stand waiting for his nightly treat. I felt bad for his sugar addiction and related so well. I got myself a small handful of chocolate chips and gave Tony his own. He didn't seem to like it as much as the hot chocolate but his tiny tongue did lick it for quite awhile and then off he went.

The next night I made my regular hot chocolate. No Tony. No Tony last night either. WAAA! I told my husband that maybe I killed Tony with chocolate. You aren't supposed to give it to dogs and cats but Tony was already a seasoned addict. Yet, I felt bad. Why did I give Tony that chocolate chip!? It was too concentrated I worried.

We bought a fixer upper and all the electrical sockets are off. My husband discovered poor little Tony just about an hour ago... electrocuted? I kind of hope so. I so hope it wasn't the chocolate chip. WAAA!

Bless little Tony's heart! So funny isn't it how one little creature takes on a personality like none other because we give it special care. If I ever have another gecko come to my bedside for hot chocolate I will name him Tony Two and I will never give him a chocolate chip... just in case.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Lydia and the Swans That Come Round"

Her soul is dark
She pins her dreams out on a clothesline
waiting for the sun to meet her in a closet
to revive unread plans.

I think she wore a jasmine in her hair
the last time that I saw her.
I can't remember.
I do remember that the swans came round
scolded me
for not accepting second chances.

Lydia had a box of sequins
that she kept inside her pocket.
She was seen sewing them to the moon
and making requests for sainthood.
I stood there in the glow
and admired her confidence.

I felt jealous of her travels
and her boldness.
She told me later that she saw me
standing in the doorway.
I did not tell her I was waiting for approval.

I keep in contact with her
now and then.
I ask her what to wear
and music she has heard
that I might like.
She always tells me I look best in lavender
but I know that isn't true.

I lost her trust many years ago.

We met at a train station
went on a journey.
We had intentions of creating fresh stories
new swan songs.
Well... she did at least.
I was haunted by a confined mind.
I could not think beyond the mermaid
she held captured in a jar.
I guess I related too much.
I could only think of how to free her.

It doesn't really matter
I say that to myself
as I unfold and refold
the pieces of art we made together.

Lydia's eyes are even darker now
that's the rumor.
Yet I will always admire her
and her quest to capture sparrows
unlocked by wings of depraved
but well meaning caretakers.
Lydia claims she means to heal them.

And the mermaid?
She traveled well.
I bring her jasmine in the summer
and gifts of chocolate and green tea.
I keep sequins in the jar she came in
reminding me of train stations
words that could not find their way
and swans that come round.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

"Lavender Cloak" from my Victorian Series
available in greeting cards,posters and giclee

We all have a history that includes some regret by a certain age. I think remembering that history is something to learn from. I know if you are reading this that you do too. Yesterday I could not stop crying, yet today because of those tears, hopefully, I will notice someone else's. We get busy though don't we? We fail to see and hear the lives around us as we continue on our own pathways. Blades of grass are crumbled beneath our feet. I wrote "It is not I" so many times because of regret of course. We all hold ourselves in better esteem than someone who has missed an obvious a cry for help. I guess the goal is to do better 'today', to smell the rose sweeter in their honor.

"I Kiss Your Shadow"

It is not I
not in my soul nor heart.
I could not have missed your pitiful tear.
I saw you walk away,
after we spoke,
glances did not know.

I am a swan in spring
my wings deliver different outcomes.
Yesterday I missed the sunrise
but a swans song promises a following day.

Poor flower of mine
how did I miss your message?
Ohhh it was not I.

I wish so much to say
what I should have easily let go
had I known.
I have much to tell you
too late.

Ice blue tints missed thoughtfulness.
It was not I.

I need to go back and start over.
I could have planted flowers
we would both reminisce about tender beginnings
plan bouquets of caring
share emotions that would include possibilities.

My ship is lavender now.
Cold days blend with red roses.
I think of you often
hear forever your calling out for rescue.

I pack a suitcase to go back in time.
I am reproached by my own selfish needs
and not knowing what to do
not knowing what to wear to a young girls funeral.

I think of Lord Byron
a poem I memorized as a young girl
similar days
another friend lost to early frailties.

I whisper those words to you in part:

"And thou art dead as young and fair
as aught to mortal birth;
And form so soft, and charms so rare,
Too soon returned to Earth!
Though earth received them in her bed,
and o're the spot the crowd may tread
in carelessness or mirth,
There is an eye which could not brook
A moment on that grave to look"

Ah yes, so I beheld it not
I beheld them not.
It is not I.

I said those words so often
I bare no excuse at all.
It was not I?

Tender is this day
Colors seem muted
or is it that they are too bright?

Blades of grass remind me of your journey
as I walk I feel you all over again.

Worlds below the grass
things I never noticed.
I cannot bend the colors
nor the blades of grass
their day is set.

I sing only in shadow
now filled with regret.
It was not I.

We had pizza last night for dinner
frozen from the grocery store.
I fed the cats and dog this morning,
heard an airplane overhead,
people going places
living their lives
continuing on.

I think of you often
I remember that last day
and I kiss your shadow.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Yay Democrats! Onward!

Monday, November 06, 2006

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"The Mask"

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