Monday, November 20, 2006

"I thought I Killed Tony. WAAA! But It Wasn't My Fault After All"

I want to start this out by saying that I have never had bugs or lizards of snakes or anything like that in my house. I am indeed one of those women who screams if I see a spider. I have never liked little crawly things and have always considered the best place for them is outside.

" Well of course!" ... I can HEAR you thinking!

OK... but with all of that said, I live in Hawaii now and the rules have changed considerably.

If you visit Hawaii and stay in a hotel it is not likely that you will come across a gecko in your room. Hotels take special care (like poison) so you will not come across these little critters with suction cups on their widespread toes. Your loss unless you visit someone's home like mine.

I have lived in Hawaii for about nine years now and I have adjusted my thinking more than I would ever have imagined possible. Spiders that I once feared like the common Wolfie Spider is minor to me now. The Wolfie is dwarfed by the Cane Spider and might I just add a scream and an, "EWWW!" here because they are indeed that huge and that awful. Let's not even mention centipedes because I have this theory that whenever I talk about them much, they show up to remind me how horrible they are. I will tell you though, that I have seen them just about 10 inches long. OK, lets not go there. You see what I mean though about the Wolfie being a minor threat in comparison?

I don't spray for geckos like the hotels do nor do I put out those cruel sticky things, that people use for rats and mice, like some of my friends, to protect their computers and stuff. I think those sticky things are inhumane and should be banned. I don't do anything at all about the some 15-20 geckos and I am just guessing here, that live inside my house. YES! I said it and admit to it, they live INSIDE my house. They chirp at night and even sometimes poop on my paintings. After nine years I am indeed used to it and that is my only excuse.

So what about Tony? Who the heck is Tony, are you wondering? You have probably figured out by now that Tony is a gecko that I have chosen to name. I not only named him but allowed him to lick my cup after my nightly hot chocolate treat. This is a terrible habit I have gotten into, that really must go. as I can feel a few extra pounds because of it. Tony loved it though and I must say that I really thought is was the cutest thing ever to see him over the edge of my cup licking away. He had the cutest little tongue.

One night I was out of things to make hot chocolate. Tony sat... humm.. or stood? Well, whatever geckos do, he was there on my bed stand waiting for his nightly treat. I felt bad for his sugar addiction and related so well. I got myself a small handful of chocolate chips and gave Tony his own. He didn't seem to like it as much as the hot chocolate but his tiny tongue did lick it for quite awhile and then off he went.

The next night I made my regular hot chocolate. No Tony. No Tony last night either. WAAA! I told my husband that maybe I killed Tony with chocolate. You aren't supposed to give it to dogs and cats but Tony was already a seasoned addict. Yet, I felt bad. Why did I give Tony that chocolate chip!? It was too concentrated I worried.

We bought a fixer upper and all the electrical sockets are off. My husband discovered poor little Tony just about an hour ago... electrocuted? I kind of hope so. I so hope it wasn't the chocolate chip. WAAA!

Bless little Tony's heart! So funny isn't it how one little creature takes on a personality like none other because we give it special care. If I ever have another gecko come to my bedside for hot chocolate I will name him Tony Two and I will never give him a chocolate chip... just in case.

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