Thursday, November 02, 2006

"The Mask"

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Sign up 'this month' on my mailing list and receive a free printable letter from the tooth fairy. Ahhh yes, I know this tooth fairy well, her name is Dallyanna. She is most eloquent with lavender bows and ribbons attached to tiny pink satin roses on a whimsical sky blue chiffon dress. Her hair is held fast by a wreath of stephanotis and lobelia blossoms found from trees on African mountains where she is often seen traveling. She fills the air with laughter and always makes me happy. Soft fairy dust meets her pathway as mist wherever she flies as one might suspect. Once in awhile she flutters by just to say hello and offer a bit of conversation or to share her love of poetry. We sit at a round glass table topped with a white linen tablecloth and dine on green tea and crumpets. I always have special jams and jellies on hand to impress my dear guest of magic. Dallyanna often advises me on what gifts my friends, like you, might enjoy. We have a splendid time together as she shares legends of mermaids and her adventures of gifting children in exchange for their treasured tiny teeth.

My other gift to you this month is a "legends of mermaids" drawing. You can print it out for cards; transfer it to shrink art and use as a magnet or sun catcher; use it as a coloring page or reduce the size for clip art or stationary accent, just to name a few ideas.

PLEASE NOTE: My gifts to you are available for free use ONLY for non-profit, personal use only, and not to be distributed in any way or form. -Kathy

Future free gifts:

Christmas drawings and a lovely whimsical angel picture

free fairy coloring pages

Valentine Day Images and ideas

fantasy fairy paper dolls

mood magnets (patterns for shrink art)

legends of mermaids drawing

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