Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Quiet The Lips Of An Angel, NO! A Fantasy Art Woman Speaks Out For Fairies Unknown"

It is nonsense to not believe in magic!
To quiet the lips of an angel
is utterly pathetic.
It is lonely without enchantment
no castles
no legends of mermaids
no fairy dust
how sad to not believe in what could be.
What a silly hoax!

Pick up all your numbers
fill up your tent
gather all your consequences
dreams never dreamt.
Figure out a timeline
travel in your loss
sip wine with dinner
look out on the horizon
what you have lost.
But still you will not know
what you have never seen...

It is nonsense to not believe in magic.
You silly man.
Yet for you it is pitifully true
legends of mermaids
whimsical angels
fantasy fairies
will not pause on your doorstep uninvited.

I am a mermaid
I knew I would be when I was young
I felt moisture on my skin
and swam to castles underwater
twas there I captured sailors
just like you.

I am a fantasy fairy
because flowers became my friend.
They taught me what is most important
to not lose site of my imagination
to never stop creating
to caress ideas close to my heart
and cradle them there
to allow them to stretch out their lacy wings
and fly.

I am the dragon
who lived in your closet
when you were young.
I am the smoke.
I am the fire that roars when danger calls me
I am the rescuer of my own story.
You my friend are left to your own fate of disbelief.

I am a swan
I came from distant lands
I stand in waiting for visions
of uninhibited stories.
I wear a crown
of the very same jewels
that you sweat and toil for.

A glorious prince beyond
I become the princess
that walks among the roses.
I smell the scent of bliss
and restore tears to laughter
or reminisce about the broken of heart
I am the lonely soldier
who mourns on unvisited graves.

I collect whimsical angel pictures
they become alive to me.
I can hear them breathing.
The wind rushes through my hair
I linger there and find life
beyond what others measure.

I am the entrance to a vision
the moon inside the dark
colors enlightened
pathways beyond doom
flowers that have found their voice
rainbows of promise
I am a playful tune.

Oh no!
Do not tell me magic is not real
you simply would not know.
Go home and count your change young man
build a mountain if you like.
Surmise and gather what is seen
put it in a bottle
and it will remain empty.
Without magic there will be no glow.
I know what you do not know
you silly man.

I do not quiet the lips of an angel
nor cover her wrath.
Legends of mermaids will always include tales
of the mermaids vengeful path.
Fantasy fairies know
they come to me with anger
they move the dragons smoke
their vision is everlasting
and holding out for hope.

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"In Search Of Klimt" series is being expanded and will include new images and stories. There will also be a handy dandy shopping cart for purchases of prints, posters, greeting cards and fine art giclee prints. I also hope that you will sign up on my mailing list because I am going to have free gifts to share with you like a free downloadable letter from the tooth fairy and whimsical angel drawings.

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