Sunday, October 08, 2006

"They're Friends You Know"
24x48 oil, gold leaf on canvas

"A Fantasy Art Woman Offers Advise On Family Dynamics, With a HUGE Disclaimer!"

We often want to change family/friends dynamics and find ourselves in the middle of problems that may never be solved. Below are the opinions of a fantasy art woman and I guess this is a disclaimer of sorts. I write this with love though so take what you feel works for you and continue to create your own map.

As a fantasy art woman I know that being sensitive is a tool for good for many things; yes of course the arts; nurturing and caring when no one else seems to, are just a couple examples. Being sensitive is not an enemy it is a gift. What we do with that gift can become our enemy though so it is good to bookmark episodes when we did or did not use our gift well. There are fantasy fairies waiting to see what gifts you bring, so cradle that in your heart and make mental note of beautiful ribbons on a brightly gift wrapped treasure.

I think one of the lessons I have learned that has worked for me is that "I' am not responsible for other peoples relationships. I think the 'complexities' of individual relationships dictate that. I think that each person is finding their way. They listen to a very small amount of what other people say so most advise falls on deaf ears. Who we are in the journey thus traveled, what fantasies or dreams we adhere to, and who we will be, is formed by our hopes and well meaning and our own ability to learn from the past.

I am ME and you are YOU and our responsibility to this Universe is to do good things around us to make the world a better place.

As a sensitive soul your soft nurturing nature, the fairies and longing for beauty inside your heart and your need to want people to do the right thing is 'good'. What doesn't work is not accepting your limitations in the scenario and trying to dictate reactions and responsibilities. You are responsible for 'your' reactions and how you respond to the set of responsibilities you decide are meaningful is 'your' map. You are not responsible for drawing out other peoples maps. In many ways if you adopt this attitude of watching without judgement and knowing that everyone is doing the best they can for 'who they are' could be a big relief to you. I know it is to me. With this article I offer you loving advise, what you do with it, accept it, think it is off base or whatever, is up to you in the end. It is not my role to 'insist' on anything except what I 'can' control and that is my own responses and reactions to things around me.

I, as a fantasy art woman, think the Universe is indeed a zillion tiny beads of light. We add or take away from that light by the choices we make, by the environment we create with our own presence. The mood that fills a room can be changed by one person from one extreme to the other, you know that is true. I have the same battles as you do and I fail pitifully more often than not. I am trying to recognize it though, my map and my role in the Universe. Once we accept our role and the miracles of living we are under obligation to keep trying.

So that is my advise but then I am just a fantasy art woman.

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