Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Testing The Climate"
36x24 oil,gold leaf on canvas
available in giclee

Or purchase the original at Monkdogs Urban Art

"Exceed Your Potential, Aim Past Excellence: An Artist's Story of Serendipity"

"Exceed your potential and your dream will be great. After you realize something is absolutely spectacular say to yourself, 'How can I improve this?" ~ Robert Hogge, Marina Hadley, Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery

I have been an artist since I was four years old. I can't help myself, I 'have to' paint and sculpt and create, it is in my soul. It is my love, my hobby, my craft. I am an artist who is constantly looking for representation and on the quest to get my work out there. Marketing is 3/4 of the ball game but for artists this often a difficult game to play.

Artists dream of hanging their work in New York, I am no exception. I am constantly putting out feelers, writing ezine articles, posting my work on on-line galleries and setting up places to show. I also respond to emails!

I met Bob and Marina through the internet. I received an email from Bob about two years ago complimenting me on my art. We became email buddies. Who can resist flattery right? Little did I know my email buddy had great things planned. One day you are email buddies sharing the small stuff, the next day your email buddy creates a gallery online. OK wonderful. I posted my art on his site. Bob had bigger things up his sleeve though. A few months later, with his long time business partner Marina, Bob opened his own gallery in Chelsea, New York! Wow!

I watched and listened and measured my own potentials as an artist as Bob and Marina lived up to their philosophy and continued towards excellence. Self improvement gurus always tell you to find a mentor then do what they do. My mentors had aimed beyond spectacular and met their target.

I received an email from Bob after the galleries first opening telling me of the nights events. Part of what he wrote to me is below:

"It's the White House." The first call of the evening Monkdogz Urban Art received congratulating them on the gallery and wishing the artists success came at the Presidents request from the White House! "The President couldn't come because of a scheduling conflict but wished Bob and Marina and the artists all the very best on their inaugural show." No matter what you think of the incumbent the response to their invitation was 'very cool!' ~Bob

Nothing Bob and Marina do is without consideration for excellence. Gallery and Studio Magazine's managing editor Ed McCormack, a former associate of Andy Warhol was interviewed and posted on Monkdogz online gallery debut. Ed and Jeannie McCormack cover the New York art scene and are still avid supporters of the Chelsea gallery.

Richard Calderhead of Art in NY wrote "No gallery in New York has more energy or heart for art"

In keeping with their philosophy of going beyond the spectacular, Bob and Marina did not stray from their vision.

I think we miss the serendipity of life sometimes. We plan and fret and spin our wheels. Sometimes we miss that our dreams are being fulfilled right in front of us and we walk past them. We work hard to meet our goals but fall short of noticing that 'spectacular' is within reach. As I said, I have been an artist since I was four years old, so why wouldn't I accept spectacular things happening? Why not? Why not see the same excellence I expect from my brush that meets my canvas to also find it's way to my dream of showing in New York? Why not? Why decide that dreams being met are for other people? Mentors come into our lives to show us the way.

So did I ever get my work to New York? Yes indeed I did! My show with Monkdogz Urban Art was called "7".

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