Friday, May 22, 2009

"A Goddess of the Moon Defied the Stars en Route and Killed the Handsome Sailor"


"A Goddess of the Moon Defied the Stars en Route and Killed the Handsome Sailor"

She captured hope from his eyes
goddess of the moon
defying stars en route
dreams that might come true
this damsel demanded his last

It was not kind
a siren that stole his soul
his being
and yet
she did
what she had lusted for.

Left behind along a sandy shoreline
holding only
tokens of a memory
a princess of the land
held scraps of paper
in her wanting hands.
Later to pasted in a notebook
a boatman's remnants
one day
most carelessly
to be tossed
most irreverently
Down the line of life
a stranger who would not discern
such a delicate story
a diary had procured.
Lost love
and memories
that faded
long before
within a beauties
pitiful song and lore.

Such a seaman was he
brave to meet the storms
traveling in a long boat
cross the waves of majesty.
He called upon a mermaids legend
to find a most perfect pearl
for his lovely land beauty
upon his return
would marry her.

that mariner unprotected
did not realize a mermaid
could be vengeful.
And thus
upon seeing such a handsome bo
that water maiden
fell in love with the princess' hero.
Siren of the the sea
planned to take him captive
to meet another
seaweed laced

He could only hope for magical visions
in the depth of the ocean
where a gem from the waters
might be
for his princess in waiting
at home in a castle
so soft and lovely.

Refrains from protection
twas a heros way
never realizing jealous hearts
power unknown
can take
a sailors breath

Poor pitiful sea farer
all he could do
was lie down naked
hoping the moonlight would have pity
on yesterdays
on his mind
but ohhh
so sadly
not in time.

Don't let your dreams fade
lover of mine
called out the princess
from a grassy hillside
toward the whales
and the waves
the unknown and beyond
uselessly defied
fore deep in her heart
past gates of promise
she knew
her lover
did die.

Down into the deep
pulled by a sea vixen
who had decided to take care
of her own ambitions.
Brave seafarer was he
remembered by a princess
who reluctantly met
a most unwanted

By Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
Copyright 2009

The image is one is my paintings from my "ke ala o Pele" series.. it is 30x40 and sorry but I can't remember the title at the moment. It is available through Monkdogz Urban Art

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"My Tiny Angel Has Gone Off Flying - Leaving Me With a Jealous Heart"

"Euphoria" 36x48 oil on canvas

"My Tiny Angel Has Gone Off Flying - Leaving Me With a Jealous Heart"

Every other angel
seems to get it right
every other tiny angel...
just not mine.
We'll have to have a word or two
once she stops dreaming.

As if she didn't know it
there are strings
attached to everything.
Just about everything
wears a coat.

Ward off the hunter
he comes to victimize
every loose end
except his own.
foolish to own that I'm fragile
even though my angels gone
a flying.

Mascara runs down weeping eyes
stupid eyes that cry
who simply don't understand
their tears
can be waterproofed
and defied.

Deep down
I've always loved empty cages
reminding me
of angels who capture sparks
and learn to fly off.
A pattern of flashes
once kept on leashes

Wheels continue spinning
for the aimless
a primary defense of the queen's gambit
of trading off stars
that shine too much
lest she lose her stage.

So I sift through moments
of unrehearsed lines
I'd never hold her to them anyway
oh angel
of mine.

Everyone's garden seems trimmed
nowhere to hide a wanting fairy
no room for boxes
of secrets
no where to shelter hidden meanings
tied to strings.

I've planned an invitation
going to send it
by a doves wing
fore although my tiny angel is far away
I'll embroider her memory
and attach it to all my songs.

everything wears a coat
and everyone understands
a certain long lost tiny angel
and empty pockets.
Despite what people tell you
and no matter how loudly
there are fairies
who burst forth from their cages
leaving a jealous heart

05 May 2009
by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
Copyright 2009

Monday, May 04, 2009

"Pixie Myths - Fairies Finding Their Way to Fantasy Stories"

Pixie myths visited...Above is a little watercolor sketch of mine... it seems to go well with this tale. Once in awhile my splendid little pixie fairy surprises me. Whenever I think she has disappeared or perhaps pixie myths never existed at all, there she stands, as tiny as Tinkerbell, right there before my disbelieving eyes, offering me glimpses into her inspiration.

"Pixie Myths - Fairies Finding Their Way to Fantasy Stories"

Beyond the meadow
I did discover Pixie myths
fairies finding their way to fantasy stories
mythical little flower creatures of folklore
enchanting me
ahh such a lovely celtic dream.

My personal pixie darling
in a Victorian setting
sat beside me one glorious afternoon.
We shared the day and peeled off
the most delightful giggles.
On que
my attentive little darling
being a dear little audience
as I shared my fantasies
legends of mermaids
ships that set sail
on Scandinavian seas
and the sailors
who had been kidnapped
because of a mermaids undying love.
Legends, pixie myths,
real flower faeries
whimsical angels
blessing the day.

I recited on...
from books once stored away
and forgotten
of princes on white horses
rescuing the sleeping beauty
awakened by a kiss.

Whenever I paused to sip some tea
or take a nibble from a bit of chocolate
she brought me
my pointed ear companion
reminded me
in song
that magic is never all that far away.
Ahh my dear pixie fairy friend.

Finding a spot online
I showed my darling elf
a certain
Reading the last page
we chirped like birds
lured into a little pixie house
that we could cut out
fold together
and tie with ribbons of satin.
What a fun discovery!

Once in awhile
to this day
my splendid little pixie fairy
surprises me.
Whenever I think she has disappeared
or perhaps never existed at all
there she stands
as tiny as Disney's Tinkerbell
right there before my disbelieving eyes
offering me glimpses into her inspiration.
and so I take them
make little drawings of descriptions she shares
and put them in a box of koa
where all my childhood memories
and pixie myths
are stored.

04 May 2009
by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen