Thursday, November 30, 2006

Aloha Outpost

I have about 50 paintings hanging in Aloha Outpost. Lamont is fantastic! Be sure to hunt him down if you ever come to the Big Island of Hawaii. Check out Puna Nation on this website too for some great music. I painted the above logo with the turntable, Lamont, and the volcano with flying disks. Lamont's idea. ~Kathy

The following is info about Aloha Outpost:

The Aloha Outpost is part tomorrow, part yesterday and all of each day. People have described it as “the sandwich joint,” “the information and communication hub”, “friendliest place in town” and “coffeehouse of tomorrow”. Established in 2002, the Outpost now is one of the largest businesses in Pahoa, and still provides that “small coffee shop” feel. Whether you are a visitor or resident, you’ll get the same down home welcome.

If you come to the Big Island of Hawaii and migrate to the Hilo side,
the 25 minute drive to the Outpost is a must!

The origin of the name “outpost” is from LaMont’s former days as a training and development manager for Restaurants Unlimited. “When I was traveling around the country helping open new restaurants “ LaMont explains, “ I would call the home office back in Seattle and say I was reporting from Outpost and use whatever unit number the store was. I guess it’s also a reference to all those westerns I watched as a kid as well. After I thought about it, I also remembered the Stuckey’s Restaurants that were the highlight of many road trips. You would find all kinds of interesting things there.”

“The aloha was somewhat an obvious call,” LaMont also explains. “You have to give back to the island.”

CHECK OUT Puna Nation:

Mixing classic Hip Hop, R&B and Rap and Dance, PAD is the nighttime beat of Pahoa. Get the head bobbin’ with us here in the café or anywhere else in the world This is your daddy’s old school. (Parental Advisory is in effect as lyrics in some selections played can be offensive.

After moving here three years ago, I quickly found out there was no radio station to suit my taste. Since I have DJ experience and do voice-overs, I went to the local radio station to peddle my wares. After hearing nothing I decided to start my own. We play lounge and club music, nothing too strong, just something to tap your fingers and toes to, or to hear in the background as you sip one of our beverages and chill here in the Café. If you listen to us through the internet, relax, close your eyes and imagine that you are here in the groove with us.

Lamont Carrol


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