Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"So Goes The Time"

a song:

Dreams encircle my mind
live up to promises
stolen by time... take back the time
when dreams were young and you were mine.

Slide into shadow and waves
remembered by some
some.... who were young
remember the time, remember the time?

Cherish the simple
the mood in my stead
reach out to love songs
stroking your breath.
I will be there
in all that you do
in all that you dream
and don't follow thru.

Dreams collide or abide
testing their way
some... will decay
but I... I miss you, the closeness of you.

A blow delivered by fate
she smiles and eyes know
and the rhymes
but I...will always remember the time, the time.

And so goes the time
so goes the time
and so goes the time.

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