Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"Those Sensitive People"

a continuing story....

The colony of Emerings stayed on at the pond, not being able to return to the sea, because they found themselves in a weakened state. It was little enough to endure though to be around Dallyanne, their treasured land creature and friend.
Emerings thrive from the glow of shimmerings. Shimmerings being the greatest treasure that brought not only health but insight to achieving well being; the element that stokes the inner child when it feels abandoned. The shimmerings that had been lost from a previous expedition were found for the most part, but not completely intact. Until they resolved how and what to replace missing pieces of the shimmerings with, they had no plans to leave the pond. Shimmerings were made up of radiant light that glowed with the the essence of rainbows. They healed not only mind and body but lifted the spirit... the spirit being life itself. What was missing in the shimmerings was the full spectrum of radiance. This was not something that they could find from a vine or mist of the air, it had to come from an inner spark of someone or something that stood out in the darkness. This might be found from a human who had transferred their worries into optimism and embraced extraordinary ideas. This was seen in Dallyanne. The question in the Emerings hearts was whether or not to take it from her.

to be continued....

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