Friday, November 11, 2005

I took this picture at my One Woman Show in Kauai. I love it... the poet and the belly dancer... I am not even going to interpret it... I will paint it someday for sure though.

Last night I watched Oprah... up til 12:30 ... maybe you saw it?

Her theme this year is:


What Have You Done Today?

Make Yourself PROUD!
Taken from her website

What Oprah knows for sure, she says, is that your proudest moments are almost always about what you can do for someone else. "When you give, it creates a circle," Oprah says. "And it comes back to you, and you get even more in return."
Heather* says that she wrote the song "PROUD" to remind herself to think of others. "It's about little things that you can do to make somebody else feel good," she says. "Sometimes we get out of bed and we're not very happy. I think that rather than make myself happy, I should go out there and make somebody else happy."
*Heather Small sang her song on Oprah show and it will be the theme song and show theme for this season.

I think this puts a wonderful focus on living and is possibly the best reason to be living.. to feel the present moment and to make ourselves proud by doing something... even if it is tiny.. that is good. I am going to try anyway.

Most of my writing has been from old poems of regret... I have come to know that as I type them out each day and post them on my blog. What a wonderful learning experience. I may still post them but I will understand the difference in myself more because of it. Onward right? Optimism is a wonderful thing as is giving.


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mamacolucci said...

Kathy, We truly are sisters not only by blood but by soul. I injest everything you say and the comments on your blogs and art. I especially appreciate Shan and his wonderful e-mail to you. I have always seen in my heart and in my eyes the beautiful artist that you are. I am proud to have you in my life and I know you will help to inspire in me what Oprah inspires in all. love as always ~Kelly