Monday, January 16, 2006

Phd. Martin

by Dennis Magnusen

Phd. Martin I write you this song
I see some things I think you'd say going wrong
The sun is out, the sky is blue
But there's some things we've got to change to make it through.

The people, they still gather 'round for a fight
They don't care whose blood, they don't care whose right.
They just want to see the young boy die.
They don't care the reason, they never ask why.

Where's that dream you had?
Everyone was talking 'bout.
Where's that dream you had,
it sounded just like mine.

Phd. Martin my heart goes out to you.
There's so much we've got left to do.
The world ain't right and it's hard to see.
Phd. Martin light a torch for me.

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