Thursday, October 04, 2007

Minne E Miller

Guess what my friend Minnie is up to!

Minnie E Miller
Author of The Seduction of Mr. Bradley

Visit Authors and Artists Chicago
October 6, Saturday, 12:30 pm to 5 pm
Little Black Pearl Art & Design Center
1060 East 47th Street
Chicago, IL

She will be there signing her novel! If you are in the Chicago area do stop by and meet Minnie E Miller!

Who is Minnie E Miller?

Minne E. Miller is proof that life begins at any age you decide it should begin, and reinvention is truly the spice of life. In her own words here is her story. Come meet her Saturday at Authors and Artists Chicago.

Minnie writes:

I am a native Chicagoan, born at Cook County Hospital--we won't talk about the year.
I have been writing for many more years than the fourteen I consider my serious literary period. I attended Roosevelt University in Chicago where a very- English teacher encouraged me to explore my writing muse. In the beginning I had no idea what she was talking about. My muse? What's that? I was perplexed.

My last full time job was with the Office of the Mayor of San Francisco as special assistant to his press secretary. While there, I co-authored The San Francisco Mayor's Summit for Women, Summit Report 1998. I retired in 1999, left San Francisco, landed in Atlanta, Georgia, and worked in the City Council's Communications office as a freelancer. Heeding a whisper from my subconscious, I returned home but I still couldn't sit still. To my amazement, NBC5 Chicago WMAQ TV hired me part-time in the newsroom. The news junkie in me loved it.
My literary career grew strong wings in March 2003 when I published a book of short fiction stories titled Catharsis. I retired again in May 2004, devoted my time to writing The Seduction of Mr. Bradley and Blue Lady Rising. The Lady is still rising, however.
For years I suffered from wanderlust--inherited it from my mother, a casualty of an early divorce. I tried marriage at the age of twenty but realized early that it didn't work for me. Curiosity pulled me to London, Paris, Jamaica, and many U.S. cities .


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