Sunday, June 07, 2009

"Do Flower Fairies Die? And If They Do - Is There a Special Place For Them in Heaven?"

"Orchid" photo by Dennis G Magnusen Copyright 2009

Do you fret about fairies? Worry about them and what do they do all Winter long? Do they succumb to the coldness? Lastly most pitifully, does a flower faery die?

"Do Flower Fairies Die? And If They Do - Is There a Special Place For Them in Heaven?"

Do flower fairies die?
If so..
where do they go when they pass
from this life?
Is there a special place in heaven?
A gathering of natures gifts
that never falls asleep
a harvests destiny?

Or is it that a faery in your garden
never dies at all?
Is it possible that a pixie elf
rests in the Winter
till it's time
to come back out?

I believe it in this moment
that all faery princesses
do indeed
forever live.

Once you decide that a faerie lives
tis no longer a legend
or a mythological dream
its a matter of fact
a most beautiful

Embracing all the miracles
of each flowers gifts
touched by early morning dew
diamonds from the sky
shining brilliantly true
look on
What else is there to do?

Glorious beings
folklore told
magical creatures
cradle the gifts
of life
and all its miraculous

And despite all disbelievers
a flowers majesty
will always shine on
brilliantly true
for me
and yes
ever faithfully
for you

Dear flower nymphs
make it through
the Fall and Winter of life
considering their resilience
why not me
why not you?

Goddesses of rainbows praying
fore Springtime miracles
pick it up
respond to the earths glory
appreciate their seedlings
despite their struggle
a prayer set forth
Watching as Fall
covers Forget-Me- Nots up
as Winter sets each petal to rest
it is for a faery
an acceptable
Springtime brings it all on again
and the mornings refreshed
with Mother Nature's
and a whimsical angels song.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
Copyright 2009

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