Sunday, December 10, 2006

"Earth Goddess Art | Bed of Dreams"

"Earth Goddess Art | Bed of Dreams"
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I have many blogs. Every one of my series from my "In Search of Klimt" series, which is defined as "Fantasy Art Woman-Beautiful Women Goddess Art," to my endeavors in watercolors of flowers, portraiture, landscapes and animals, has its own blog where I write individual thoughts and feelings on each work. If you read my biography you will see that I spent twenty years making my living with pottery. Working with clay is second nature to me. I have done extensive work in sculpture and continue to enjoy that form of creativity. My work in sculpture thus far can 'only' be seen on my sculpture blog.

Blogs offer a wonderful opportunity for the artist to not only post their work but describe it in great detail. I find that by writing about my own work I discover new things about myself and more about what actually motivated me to do the pieces described. People always tell you to stick with one style, for me that feels impossible. I paint or sculpt all of my different artistic adventures in 'series'; I take each one seriously. Each Series is considered, has its own muse and brings me to a different mind frame than any other. They all stand on their own and yet are connected with my appreciation of the human form and emotional makeup of the people I paint or sculpt. Human beings are complex and no one has one single track of thinking all of the time. So it is with my art and expression.

ARTIST FRIENDS I would like to introduce you to.

I will from time to time be introducing sculptors, painters of passion and lighter fare like my Victorian Series. I will post "Kathysart Notes" after each artist with my feelings about their work. I will also post some of the artists own thoughts as they relate to their personal form of creativity. I have been involved with beautiful women goddess art as some of the artists I will post are. There are many ways to express the world in art though as you will note by going through these artists amazing talents. There is so much creativity in the world. We are surely blessed!

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