Friday, January 19, 2007

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The Art of Negotiation, Investing in ART, Investing in YOU, Its About the MONEY Honey!

As an artist it is hard to not feel flattered when approached by a gallery. If you are a professional or hope to be one having a gallery is at the top of your list. There are other ways of marketing art these days, over the internet, home studio tours but the mystic of having a gallery is always there. Who can resist the glamor of having an opening with Champagne and fine food? Maybe add a three piece band to add just that extra touch of class. New York galleries being first on the list with ideas of going international. Ahhh I LOVE it!

There are things to consider when entering a gallery though and that is why I wrote the title "The Art of Negotiation, Investing in ART, Its About the MONEY Honey!". It is in the end about the MONEY! It is not just about the money for the gallery but for the artist as well obviously. Past opening night, maybe a strawberry or two, having your art viewed, important people seeing it hopefully, at the very least your family gets to see you meeting some sort of success, past all of that it is about the MONEY!

You have no doubt worked hard on your art to be at a point where you want to start showing it and joining the people who you consider to be 'big time' artists. It is a dream and one that has been on your mind no doubt for a long, long time.

So! Don't lose your head!

Read all you can about the art of cutting a good deal for yourself.

Ask questions, sheesh, never be afraid to ask questions.

Don't be intimidated by people, they had a first day in kindergarten as well, don't let people fool you. We all have a beginning to every single thing. Compare your information with others and define your own set of standards that you want to allow as part of your artful deal making.

Feel good about yourself. You have worked at your technique and it has cost you MONEY to get to where you are. Brushes alone are quite expensive. If you don't take care of them like me you are buying them constantly. Paints add up and then there is the space you paint in or sculpt in. It all adds up.

The Art of Negotiation, Investing in yourself is you trying to get some money, and energy back. Don't shortchange yourself on that. Be your own cheering section to give yourself some extra confidence when that gallery does come along.

Consider all the costs involved. Just because a gallery has a pre-written contract and the confidence to hand it to you does not necessarily make it a good deal for you.

What about shipping? Is there a trial period? That can kill you right there alone. If they expect you to pay for shipping both going and coming and the trial is only three weeks, is that a good investment on your part? How confident are you that your art will indeed sell? Don't ship your work anywhere until you know that. Do your homework!

Learn all you can before signing anything on any subject right? Right!

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