Monday, July 21, 2008

A Goddess Calling Out For Magic-Will Your Tombstone Write Your Song?

"A Goddess Calling Out For Magic and Her Inner Child - Will Your Tombstone Write Your Song?"

Embracing the sky with grace
what fairies will you see?
A goddess
calling out for magic,
will your tombstone
write your song,
or slip into the dust?

Who I am,
who I can be,
I sort out those stories,
every single day.

Some days...
I simply cannot commit to a full day of attention,
balancing acts of the mind,
conclusions set on a single drive.

Peace doves light upon my window,
they want in,
I see them,
some days I am not really me.
Oft times I wait too long to greet them,
then find they've lost their feet.

I worry,
goddess post,
writing tales of wisdom,
sometimes overcome with drama,
sometimes self indulgent.
It is that women who stands in dust,
forever calling,
toward unguarded forgiveness.

Lust does become me at times,
lust that comes in unopened books,
thoughts that generate pleasure,
not always sexual.
here I am,
in my own paintings,
standing in line to apologize.

If motion be my solace,
my hiding is disgraced.
If Lily be my child,
Oh Lily do forgive me!
Meet me inside,
and then we can recover?

I will try...
I will!
Every single day.
I will stand on wet grass,
uncover the seeds of longing plants,
bring awakening to its knees.
I'll try not to slumber past Lily's subtlety.
She is indeed well a dressed,
with distinction,
despite the distractions,
of the sparkling packages,
within my box of colors.

But oh little girl of mine,
these waves that I inhale,
these blistering reminders,
I know I will again let you down.
So I conclude,
not being perfect,
if indeed there is a goddess in me at all?
I will pull a blanket over your eyes,
fantasy fairies standing by,
mermaids melting in the wind of change,
to remind me,
lest I falter,
and bend to uneven promises,
forever on my tombstone.

21 July 2008
by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
Copyright 2008

The image is of my painting, "Secrets" 48x36 oil, gold leafing on canvas

My work is now being shown in "Zepher" and International show in New York, where I am represented by Monkdogz Urban Art

Aloha, Kathy


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