Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lily Sheltered Extra Wings-My Fairy Doth Prevail

"Lily Sheltered Extra Wings-My Fairy Doth Prevail"

Frozen on the land
speculations of what once was
the grass has been put to rest
the trees melted to naked.
Lily sheltered extra wings
some for her and some for me.
I would find her
seek out my being

I climbed the mountains of Africa
albeit in my mind.
There amidst the the trees
covered in wild lobelia
my Lily waited for me.
I called out her name
louder than I expected
my excitement of being in a dream
a plan of my mine
had simply overwhelmed me.

My Lily
patient with me
cleared her throat
handed me a box of ribbons
and told me life means we press on.

How did she know I had been crying?

To say her thoughts and comments
did not penetrate my thinking
would be a lie.
Yet I curse the very thought of it
being so exposed.

How curious was Lily's table
the scent of flowers
a lock of her hair
a book of ideas
in a brown paper bag.
Candles lit despite the wind
I felt the trades in my hair.
Breath taken from me
her mystery held no room for mistake
I had to take this day in.
Being in awe
it was almost unbearable
It felt to well to live.

I confess
I wanted everything that Lily had
I wanted life to breathe
sing and fill everyday with birds
that would never be lonely.

These demands of mine
expecting more
holding out for it
why should I apologize?
I want to be covered with angels
feel Euphoria
every single moment
I want it.

Sometimes there is no hiding
from me
despite my objections to myself
I meet me when I stand still.
If Lily be my refuge
I will hold that grace
embrace that containment
no inclusion of any other mindset.

Before I dined on dreams I'd planned
reached out for remarkable
everything else folded in disappointment.
high in the mountains of Africa
I know
nothing is impossible
the dark has told me so.

I will always seek you out my Lily
my flower of renew
I will find her thoughtfulness
her tender song
despite my cries of giving up.
She confirms the latter
yet something she may not know?
Her world is mine
and in that I whisper
Ohh Lily is a sacred hope.

17 July 2008
Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
copyright 2008

The painting above is "Bed of Dreams" 30x40 oil,gold leaf on canvas.

lobelia |lōˈbēlēə; -ˈbēlyə|
a chiefly tropical or subtropical plant of the bellflower family, in particular an annual widely grown as a bedding plant. Some kinds are aquatic, and some grow as thick-trunked shrubs or trees on African mountains. • Genus Lobelia, family Campanulaceae: many species, including the popular blue-flowered L. erinus.

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