Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pet Horoscopes and a Funny Dog's Exotic Ways: Maxwell's Story

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I cannot check my funny dogs horoscope because I am not exactly sure when she was born. I simply must rely on what my funny, and exotic dog tells me.

They say one cannot teach an old dog new tricks. I am not sure one needs to though. Perhaps their former life was more than we could ever have imagined.

My dog Maxwell... a girl dog with a boys name 'cause I think it is kind of funny, is an ex-con. It was a white collar crime she tells me. She does have some white under her chin and on her neck sooo. She was the only dog I saw like that at the dog jail, so I am thinking she was mixed up with real hardened criminals. Egads! It is difficult, even still, to think of her in that environment. Yes of course her former cohorts in the life of crime she had before were bad, but white collar like her.

Maxwell says has a lear jet that she keeps hidden in storage. I am not sure I believe that but I am too polite to question her.

One must not mistake good manners for weakness though dear Maxwell, so don't think I will allow that lear jet in the yard for even one second of one day! I am not even sure it would fit here anyway.

Maxwell says with an air of confidence, that as soon as she gets a little bit more ahead with $$, she is going to fly to Spain and buy property there. I hear her at night under the house digging. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she that is where she keeps her computer. She has been doing lots of research about Spain she says.

I don't know how she is going to do that while working for Jack in the Box quite frankly, but who am I to dampen her dreams? I just hope she doesn't take Grace and Charlotte Bronte (my two cats). I do know their birthday though. Humm perhaps I should look up their horoscopes and see what lies in their future, because I would miss them terribly!

Ahh so cute our pets!

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