Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Squidoo!


Check out my new Squidoo... Legend of Pegasus

It was inspired by this poem I wrote this morning:

"Legend of Pegasus and a Field of Flowers"

Legend of a Pegasus
I adore you.
I lie down among the flowers
I feel the journey
the flight I longed for.

I imagine them clearly.
I see my pegasus fly
mane and tail
flowing past the night
meeting with the dragon
doing my bid
my battle.

still life portraits
commission me.
I paint the sky and rest there.
I am a token of the breath of flowers.
I speak for them
call upon the moonlight
to reassure my pathway.
My flowers call me in the dark
I rest with one eye open.

Ahh dragon
know my wonderful legend
a history with lessons
a pegasus, a unicorn
a traveler of light.
Do not blend the colors
I want to see them clearly
hold up all your ornaments
I will adore them
they are your jewels
of your well traveled history.
I want to breathe it forever.

I feel me floating
flowers everywhere
like stars in the night
I hear them singing
on the landscape I painted.
I was commissioned by the sun.
Petals of white and pink
I rest my head there
feel the warmth.
In the distance I hear waterfalls
my unicorn drinks in tomorrows adventure.

I wait in longing for the other side
a dream known fully.
I will arrive there surely
as my brush hears my intentions.
I stroke my own sadness
plant a forget- me- not
in the air.
A well kept dragon indeed
softened by baby roses and babies breath
or was it one single orchid?

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
17 March 2007

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