Sunday, March 02, 2008

Legends of Mermaids on Kauai Shores

Outside my window I hear beating hooves.. it must be a pegasus arriving to a mermaids den bringing me the salt air of Kauai. It must be "Magic" a 30x40x2 oil on canvas.

Legends of Mermaids and Kauai Shorelines of Hanalei Bay

I heard there were myths to follow
legends of mermaids
trickles of light
on the shores of Kauai
a mermaids tale indeed.

"I have measured every star", she said
"How do I find the time?
I have taken every dream
and colored them with crayons
sprinkled them with fairy dust
and framed them in seashells.
I have captured spectacular moments
they simply could not escape.
I held them close
heard their messages
wept for knowledges sake
then wrapped them in silk.
My pleasure there
I waited for the time to be right
the moon full
and made promises to night.
Legends of mermaids spoke
and I heard them."

This legend or myth?
This mermaid's love affair
sings with an island that stands for love.
Out in the middle of the Pacific
it whispers
with every bit of potential
every spiritual lesson
every breath
I could possibly invoke.

Standing on the shoreline
Hanalei, a dragons den
Puff does welcome travelers in.
He hears their longings
and wanton cries
I too have been blessed
by a mountain long and wise.
Legends of Mermaids
lost at sea?
Myths no not ever.
Tis true these tales
and magic calls
open you heart to see
feel your life
tis just a breath away.

02 March 2008
by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

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