Saturday, October 18, 2008

Accepted Into the Schaefer Portrait Challenge

My painting "Mr. Magnusen" was accepted into the Schaefer Portrait Challenge. It is such an honor!! I cannot post the work, nor the narrative here on my blog, until the opening at Maui Arts and Cultural Center.

I think what it all says to me is to do your best, continue to strive and the way is up from there. Continue to work and try to get better always.

One of my favorite songs by Joan Baez:

I guess I've always been a protester. My painting "Mr. Magnusen" is a protest of sorts in the it draws attention to the fact that the war in Vietnam left many with problems with Agent Orange, White, Blue and Pink. "Mr. Magnusen" is my husband of course who is disabled due to his exposure. I am always amazed when people tell me they had no idea US Government does not recognize fault.

I believe that the arts must be promoted in schools, that many kids go astray because they have an artist's soul and simply did not know what to do with that treasure. Prison Trilogy by Joan Baez speaks to those feelings in some ways.


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