Wednesday, October 15, 2008


"The Light"
36x48 oil on canvas

There is LIGHT at the end of this tunnel I have been on regarding my house for sale.. YAY! Trudy Tom of 4% Realty SOLD my house! It's under contract and will close on the 13th of Nov. Ahh me what a HUGE relief.

Yes it is true that I am VERY distracted with the election of Barack Obama for any that follow me on Twitter or Plurk or notice my focus on MySpace, Facebook and some of my Squidoo lenses are about getting Obama elected. He is the man!!

Did you know that the Republicans have NO platform for the arts? YUP it's true1 I posted the Dems and Obama's platform on another one of my blogs as well as MySpace.

There are HUGE differences between RNC and DNC, if you don't know that differences you owe it to YOU to find out what they are.

OK so back to painting and discovering colors and ohhh YES sculpting!

Much love for the day,


PS YAY! My painting "Mr. Magnusen" was accepted into the Schaefer Portrait Challenge! This is a HUGE deal in Hawaii and I am most honored to be a part of it!


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