Monday, October 13, 2008

Pan's Labyrinth, Camille Claudel... and me

Can't resist posting more of Pan's Labyrinth!

Inspiring.. the imagination reaching out and finding glorious images. I gotta get this CD and DVD for sure!

I listen/watch the DVD "Camille Claudel" while I paint often. Yup its in French and subtitled, nope I don't speak French, Yup I look at my painting most of the time as well as the subject I am working on. It is about the obsession of Camille Claudel that fills my soul and for some reason I am inspired by just having it on.

So true by the passions of Pan's Labyrinth I think. I am not normally attracted to Lord of the Ring type stuff. I know... weird since I write in that vein.. not really sure what that is all about! Whacky!

Music is a muse as well as passion so I am swimming in these videos trying to catch those stars around Saturn.

Pan's Labyrinth Soundtrack

Pan's Labyrinth: End of All Hope

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