Friday, January 23, 2009

Visual Artists, Goddess Art, Fantasy Art-Improving SEO

Visual artists, goddess art, fantasy art...Exchange links with the 'right' website, keep within your subject or niche! I have 'finally' realized why that is so important.

I came across a great article about improving website traffic:

Not a question but a note that I took in about this article. First off I am a visual artists so I am coming from that frame of thinking. When I first created my website a few years ago I linked to fellow artists but not similar in style. I linked a lot to abstract artists instead of what my art suggested, which is basically goddess art, fantasy warrior women of passion that are erotic in nature. I had not put it together 'why' I was linking so just got out there with my requests to exchange links. Good info I caught in your article that reminded me that I need to pursue 'like art'.

The 'image' above is of one of my paintings called "3" it is a 36x48 oil on canvas. Looking at it as I post it on here I am reminded that not all of my work is goddess art or fantasy art. It is all passionate art though but finding other artists who describe their work that way, being a good keyword that is. Ahh me it is all a science huh? I can see my work as fantasy art warrior women but that may not be within others minds when they see my work that that is what I do either. Hummm and smile!

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