Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Baby Mermaid" oil on canvas

available in giclees, prints and cards

The attraction to mermaids and fairies is within us all, we want to know there is magic. There have been times in my life that their existence has been un-deniable. To some this will sound crazy. But for me to say that I did not hear giggles in the forest that came from fairies or that dragons took flight to meet me on an island, would be a lie. I suspect that things like that have happened to you too. Perhaps you were not ready and missed that dimension?

Today...let yourself free to believe

if only in secret.

"Dear Lydia Who Taught Me To Believe In Mermaids and Fairies"

for a time
walked through the forest
Yes...I knew her once
but that was long ago

She was not a fairy
but a gift from the sea

I found her on the sand
rescued her from strangers
and from there I took her home
cared for her
never suspecting it was me who would find rescue

This mermaid
friend of mine
who in time lost her tail
adapted to her surroundings
despite her sorrow
missing of who she had been

"Someday I will go home
but for now"
she giggled
"I will gather rainbows!"
She put them in a mayonnaise jar
and later
released them on all her poems
a miracle I try to remember
whenever I miss her

With every glistening drop of water
that came down from the sky
I worried I would lose her
one day
before I felt ready

I simply could not bare it
a day that did not include her
Without her who then would I be?
I would not recognize myself

She smiled a light full of acceptance
who wouldn't love that treasure?
If I tried she always told me
Anything could be my goal

I could meet the forest
stand at an oceans door
take a breeze within my hand
fold in chocolate layers
and my cake would be most grand

She is a memory now
I took her to the sea
I kissed her cheek
picked flowers for her hair
and watched her as she swam away

It is not as sad
as I had thought that it would be
because she left me with the mayonnaise jar
and the rainbows to be freed

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