Thursday, August 03, 2006

"Solace and Consolation"

chaos and distortion
I met my motivation for recovery
'twas bolted on the doorway
I muttered 
don't bother waiting
or complain of irritations 
I paint over all gilded cages

I force my fingers to make a fist
but oh
they refuse to bend
however will I recover?

yet there beside the light
cheese and wine are served 
what a lovely opening...
the doorway I mean
the one with bolted breaths
you remember that show?

I stood there in my mind
my compliments to the shadow
red was not on my palette
I reached for other colors 
they simply refused their mark

I will take your objections 
I will point towards sleeping giants
wrap up their fingers
just like mine
and wait 

Twist your arm 
hold a hammer with your muted hand
there is nothing charming about this wall I said
there is noting here to keep me amused
I am board with it
I want to say I am finished 
and have you agree

your breath I mean
what could you have been thinking?
I have all these boxes still
portions set in a line
put your two hands close together
and pretend them to be mine
you might be disappointed
there is no solace
no consolation  in getting it right
no matter how soft the colors return to you

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Hans said...

Love the paintings! Especially "Bed of Dreams".