Friday, August 11, 2006

24x48 oil on canvas

4 August 2006

Early in the morning
I picked honeysuckle from the edge of our yard
right before I walked down to that house
the one that burned to the ground last night
I smelled my branch of fragrance as I stood before it's ruin
Eyes from a calico cat met mine
She seemed to still expect breakfast in her bowl
But not from me
from the people that no longer had a home

Ahhh such a sight in the sky last night
Loud bangs as chemicals from a drug lab met fire
Cars quickly spun away
I bet they were surprised
Was everyone OK?
No news yet today.

The dogs from across the street yelped
as they watched me in my query
I wondered what they thought last night
still tied up
like always
as their owner leaves them each day

I locked up my own dog and two cats
in the garage
Four fire trucks and their entourage
rushing down the road
too late
It seems no one called 911
Not for a long long time
'Til the house and what was inside
was almost gone.
This same house
and the people inside
wasted every second and moment of their lives
brewing up a substance that put us all in jeopardy
And this morning
standing in front of that house
that was
I still hope
that everyone is alright

One of the tied up dogs gets loose
He comes and sniffs my aura
Not to worry little friend
I am no threat to you
He cowers none the less
Too many days of being tied to a post

There is an elderly couple
living right next door to that now gone house
I hear the man in this back yard
running a weed whacker
Seems he was not affected by the glow
from night before

One last glance
wondering exactly what happened
I still did not know
not the people
who were only passers by
who hosted a constant flow of short visitors
Such a life
I can only wonder why
There but poor fortune
you or I

I sniff my honeysuckle branch once again
Say good bye to the dog at my feet
and the cat looking for it's bowl
Perhaps the elderly couple will take pity
Maybe they or I

At my gate I am met by my own little pets
A house still standing
and my husband

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