Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
20x18 oil on canvas
(from the "Passion Series")


Artist's note: He sees; he thinks; he resolves and waits for a clearing. He is a man of wisdom.

This painting is hangeing at Aloha Outpost in Pahoa, Hawaii


On today:

September 1996

"Aloha" said the male voice over the phone.

"Hello?" I said with anticipation. "Is this Dennis Magnusen?"


"Did you graduate from Such and Such High School in 1965?" I asked.

"Yes" said the voice hesitantly.

"This is Kathy"

"Oh Sweetheart!"

He knew exactly who I was. Our story unfolds from there, inside a little window in time that gave us the miracle of a second chance.


When I was fifteen, I noticed a tall blond head amidst the crowds of non people in my high school. I would look for him at breaks or lunchtime, see where he was and who he was with. His 6'2 1/2" frame with lovely blue eyes and calm demeanor my reward to glance upon from a distance. He was usually with another girl or a group of friends. I noticed him then and have felt my eyes and heart searching him out ever since. I was a very shy girl with no confidence about who I was or my place in circles of clubs and established friendships around me. I was born with the spirit of art inside me. It was my hideaway as well as my best friend. My Mother always told me I was pretty. I never felt sure if that was an asset or a hindrance. I was and am still blond with green eyes of Scandinavian decent. Scandinavian's tend to be reserved yet moody which fits me well. I never considered high school to be a highlight of my life, rather an intrusion into my underdeveloped psyche. I was still playing hop scotch in my front yard after school. My bed was filled with dolls that I still found delight in combing their hair and changing their clothes. I was a young 15 with pressures around me to grow up and become a young lady.

The above is an excerpt from a book I am writing about finding my long lost love. Below is a song I wrote years before finding him. I always loved him.

BTW, I am looking for a publisher/agent....whatever helps me get my story out.

"In You"

a song:

In you... I saw a vision fleeting by,
no tale nor reason to de-nigh
a dream so dim
yet waiting to begin.

In you...the ships could sail behind your eyes
encase a world or hasten time.
The color you
casts another hue.

And you... escaped my grasp
I cannot tell
If all is lost I wish you well
another time
where stories never rhymed.

In you... I saw a vision fleeting by
in songs, in notes, in passers by,
a stories end
no longer to pretend
in you.

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