Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Love Letter to Squidoo/My Create Art Squid Lens

Dear Cast of Characters of Squidoo,

This is a love letter from the heart, an open letter to the creators of Squidoo.

This is also my story.

I am an artist. I have been one since I was a little girl, making paper dolls in the back seat of my parents car, as they traveled the countryside. It was there that I began to connect with all the fantasies that would become me. Art is who I am.

In April of 2006 I fell down a full flight of stairs breaking my right wrist and and incurring permanent nerve damage in my hand and wrist.. I feared I would never paint again. People came to me and told me about others who painted with their mouths, stuff like that. I knew I should be grateful for what I had, but I was overwhelmed none the less. I simply could not have it, so I worked and worked to get some movement back. My efforts continue to this day.

After my fall I spend a lot of time on the computer. I typed with my left hand and right forefinger. I still type that way.

I am not quite sure how I first came across Squidoo. I think it may have been through Worldwide Woman Artists, probably so. I felt attracted to it because it was a way of making a website that I could actually do by myself. My official website is done by my webmaster and beyond my ability and knowledge to maintain. I needed to do something myself, fill up the space that had been taken over with self pity. I needed my confidence refreshed. If I could not paint then at least I could promote what I already had.

At first I thought, "Oh man this is over my head and I can't do this."


I jumped in, and even though I got a bit confused at times, frustrated with the slowness of my typing, the directions were pretty clear and I figured it out. I made a little lens and felt darn proud of myself. Fantasy Art Woman|Beautiful Women Goddess Art: http://www.squidoo.com/kathysart was born!
I plugged it everywhere I could think of. I posted it on my blogs and My Space and even put it in bulletins. I wrote articles, posted them on ezines and put the url of my Squidoo lens in my resource box.

Then I let it sit there. I began to feel depressed about my disability. I ignored it for months expecting it to fly on its own. I considered it finished and in a way I considered me to be finished as well.

I continued on with physical therapy though. I cried a lot but I continued on. I am my therapists and doctors success story. I have not gained it all back but last February I began to paint again. It was awkward at first but I have adjusted. I have also gained back some confidence.

I have a total of seven lenses now. Each one of them has a common goal that I did not realize until today, not really. The goal? I think it was to define my own self. As I wrote the text for each one I realized how much creativity has given to me. I realized that by sharing my feelings, creating these Squidoo lenses about art, that I was confirming in my own heart exactly what motivates me as a visionary. With each module I added, be it Amazon, iTunes, Overstock or UTube or others that are offered, I found books and flowers and chocolate, I even offer trips to Paris to see the art there. Yes, as I have written for each Squidoo lens I have indeed created a fantasy of the heart. I became the fantasy fairy that I often describe.

A couple of weeks ago it dawned on me that my Squidoo lenses were like my home. I added music for my company, just like I would do if someone came over for dinner. After my introduction on my lenses I invite people to turn on the UTube music I selected, while they visit me there. I created an ambiance for my guests. And just like my home? I check on my lenses every few days, sometimes more, to make sure everything is in place and ready for company.

So thank you to the cast of characters of Squidoo. Thank you Seth, Megan, Corey, Gil and the rest of all the smarties on the Squidoo team that created and maintain the opportunity to not only create, but to heal.

Blessings and Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii,


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