Saturday, July 21, 2007

"Middle East or Iraq or Africa Explode- Not a Potter Trailer"

What do puppets do after dark? Create more rules for us all to live by? Get worried and fret about everything that doesn't fit into their lists? I am more worried about what governments and the religious decide on what we should and should not do, than Harry Potter and any rumors that incur from it.

People fretting over the message of Harry Potter and creating Harry Potter rumors. Gads what is all the huff about? Get over it! People love the book and story. Will they become a blood sucking vampire because they love the story? I guess there are some who think so.

We have the right to think in America still, don't we? I wonder sometimes lately. So many things being rationed, chewed up and re-delivered to us with different ribbons and packaging. What ever happened to freedom of speech, the idea of it? What has happened to the Baby Boomers who saw a wrong in Vietnam and decided to march against it. Where are all those people? Where were they BEFORE we went into Iraq? We hear news that the Middle East or Iraq or Africa explode on a daily basis yet and we stand in line for a Harry Potter book or wait for a Potter trailer. Now that it seems a bit trendy we all stand in line and say in unison that this war in Iraq was and is wrong, yet where are the people who should be marching? What lines to they stand in? Has apathy become the religion of the day?

My take on Harry Potter is that we must really need a diversion to be standing in line for a book. Don't get me wrong.. I have already stated that I believe in the freedom of the message and I DO applaud the fact that people are reading. What I wonder about though is why not stand in line for things that are more important as well? Stand in line for human rights when there is news that the Middle East or Iraq or Africa explode. Stand in line when maybe it is not trendy and the future of this world depends on us to be brave enough to speak out .. no scream.. when something is not right? Take that energy to love something like a series of books and channel it onto something that suggests a clearer future for humanity. Darfur, Iraq, Abu Ghraib ...stand in line waving our hands, saying ME, I stand against these and other atrocities. I stand for human rights. What if.. what if all the energy it has taken to stand in lines to get the last Harry Potter book stood in lines to speak out against the inhumane?

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