Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jean-Marc Calvet at Monkdogz Urban Art-New York


Jean Marc Calvet began painting at a point in is life when severe crisis metamorphosed into a form of redemption and rebirth. With no training, he discovered the need to paint by complete chance.

Not only did it save him but it changed his life. Art is his catharsis and his evolution has been astounding. For him, it is about exorcising the insanity of his past and slapping down on canvas the dirty truth of life.

He paints 14 hours a day, seven days a week and lives now in Nicaragua.


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The human being is a permanent contradiction
The hero and the anti-hero in the same body,
The winner and the looser in the same team.
Mountain and abyss are keeping close too,
An intern world made of crates, scars, hope, breakdown, light and darkness.
In every one of us is leaving a universe, a land,
Everybody has their own paradise, their own hell
Above all do not try to be harder, on the contrary
Bring out every sensitive cell, every nervous ending.
Why? To live and feel this skin become shell through the years
And be reborn, grazed acutley in front of the mirror.

Jean Marc Calvet

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