Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Is Creating a Collectible Spun Glass Figurine or Fairy Tattoo in Your Future?

Free coloring pages fairies and dragons, or a collectible spun glass figurine, is that in your future?

Art and creating, enjoy the process or go for it big time?

I am obsessive about creating new works of art; new paintings; sculptures; poetry or stories. I create because it makes me happy, well most of the time, ha ha. There are those projects that drive me wild and keep me up at night worrying. Most of the time I am doing what an artist should do though and that is to create.

So OK, you have all this work, people come over and say, "Where do you have your work showing at? What galleries are you in? Do you have a website?"

Marketing art is now heavy on your mind. What do I do with all this work? Once it fills the walls of your house and you have given all your relatives art for birthdays and what-evers, then what?

Do you compete?
Do you join art clubs?
Do you put your work on mugs, greeting cards and posters?
Do you make fairies printable coloring pages, fairies in art, or fairy tattoos?
Do you have giclees made of your work?
Do you sell at craft fairs?
Do you sell through galleries?
Do you post it online on every online gallery you can find?
Do you go for it big time and eventually find a publisher?

So much that you 'could' create past the original art, free coloring pages fairies and dragons, fairy tattoos, fairies in art, fairies printable coloring pages, modern or abstract art, or even a collectible spun glass figurine. It is endless.

Wow, tons of work huh? How much are you willing to do for your art?

There are tons of people out there who are working towards getting their art out there as well, so ya gotta keep on your toes if in fact you want to be competitive.

Years ago when I had my souvenir pottery studio I was the top seller with all my reps at each gift show. One year low sales came up.

"Why?!" I demanded.

It seems that the competition had noticed my work was selling well and decided to copy it. That was a real lesson to me. There will always be competition in every single thing so you gotta stay on top of your game.

I create because it is who I am, but I also create to beat out the competition.

There seems to be two worlds that I describe here though right? One of creating and one of competing.

So maybe you just create art because you love it and don't want to do anything but love the process.

Either way, creating is and will always be a friend to you. Love the process and then after it has blessed you decide what you want to do with what you have created.

Creativity is what wakes me up in the morning and causes me to breathe. I work at marketing it, but that is a whole different thing to me. Be sure that when you market your art that it does not take over the artistic side of you. This is my best tip and one I am saying to my own self at this very second that I write this. Put a time limit on marketing and make sure you are organized, so as not to waste your most precious time that you could be spending on creating new works of art. If YOU INDEED want to create collectible spun glass figurines, you should set some time aside and do that right? Smile.

The above sculpture is a work in progress. She is 15 inches high.

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