Thursday, September 29, 2005

"I Grasp A Circle"

(a song)

I touch the wind inside my eyes
I grasp a circle and I hold it tight
I close the door
and I form a simple key
to keep me in here
and you
out there

If there are other circles to the day
better memories on display
will you help me
to unwind them?
I'm bound to see them
don't you think
If I ponder on the moment long enough

Does time cease
do memories?

You may not use my memories
You may not misconstrue
because as they're unfolded
they are me
of course
and not you
The song above was taken from a poem I wrote, these are the missing lines of the poem

If I allow the most quiet comment
If I hand over
even for a moment
my memories
to be changed by yours
I will not even have this moment
or this circle
to enclose
and you know...
how many dreams can we allow in
when so few come true?

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