Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Lap Dancer"
48x36 oil on canvas

is from my "Etotica Series" along with "Pole Dancer" which will be shown on another day. The "Erotica Series" has several more pieces to go with the series, which I will post from time to time.

I have received quite a bit of flak for painting lap dancers and pole dancers and not goddess'. My retort to that is that I have never claimed to paint goddess' I paint women; in their daily lives, in lives they question and in lives they wish they had. My art explores the atmosphere revealed by our emotions; the anticipation of a first kiss, the fragrance of an infants breath, the magic of flight at sunrise. I am compelled to try to record the chaos as well as the calm in the eyes of those I paint and sculpt.

I almost exclusively paint in oils. I feel it is the best and most respected medium. I am not fond of acrylics... they seem fake and plastic. I do use them on murals though. I have done watercolors quite a bit but my love is oils.

Yesterday I finished a 60x18 piece of glass. I transferred my bamboo design with three geishas and did a chemical etching. I turned out beautiful! yay!
I will post it when I can figure out how to get my iphoto images on my Mac to upload on this site!

Have a lovely day.

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