Saturday, September 17, 2005

"Those Sensitive People"


In the spring they were wed. The King delighted her her smiles and her charming whimsical ways. Dallyanne would cherish the night she saw her love ride upon the shoreline on his ghost white horse. When their eyes met their love rang sweet.
Dallyanne would tell marvelous tales of little water creatures called Emerings. She described them in great detail; their glowing little forms, their charms and their never ending efforts to please. The most wonderful of all she exclaimed was the warmth they generated from bright blue lights that detailed their edges. Wherever they chose to dwell, she would explain, thorns and thistles would abandon their spots and be replaced with whatever the Emerings whims were for the day. Flowers, trees, moss, ferns and wonderful little delicacies to eat. She would describe the most elegant little pond in the forest nearby. A forest with a pond that no one had ever seen. The King always listened to her fireside stories with amusement. He loved the glisten in her eyes as she described her dear little friends. He would clap and cheer in delight.
Since Dallyanne had become queen the Emerings had blessed the land with their glow. Every inch of the kingdom was revived. New species of plants and wildlife covered every vacant spot.
It could not be denied, the coincidence of Dallyanne's tales of the Emerings and the prosperity of the Kingdom. Deep down the King wanted to believe her, dreamed to believe her. He took it all in, smiled upon it, yet believed the prosperity to be of his own making, the existence of the Emerings a sweet little tale. be continued

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