Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"Those Sensitive People" (A novel in progress. I will add to it randomly)

Jarian pulled away from the seaweed that had encased her and kept her from the lightened skyline. With less struggle than pulling away chains of mist, she loosened the rubber like cords of bulbs and leaves. Her blood ran free to her numb limbs. Color rushed to her white cheeks and she felt the tiny pin pricks that free blood brings. It was almost too painful to move, yet for her own breath she knew she must search out the ceiling of the waters. She pushed off from the rocks that covered the homes of a tiny underworld and surged forth. Surged forth from the world she had embraced and loved, yet a place now impossible to survive in. She moaned as she reflected on all that had transpired, stretched her arms out and stroked downward, sending her body to the surface. All the other Emerings swirled around her now, lifting her to the very same rock she had gazed upon from the shoreline only days before. Jarian moved her fingers to the middle of her breast, her wound now gone. The secret of the Emerings would stay hidden as deep as the red that had flowed from her heart. If only the Emerings had come sooner. She reached up her hand and touched the orchid wreath upon her head. Hot tears ran across her cold cheeks. She looked upon the shoreline and saw Entloff. Jarian then removed the wreath from her head and placed it gently on the water and swam towards her love.

.....to be continued

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