Friday, September 30, 2005

"Those Sensitive People"

a continuing story....

One night in a moment of weakness Entloff missed the side of Dallyanne that spoke of possibilities and magic. He crossed over his own line. He snuggled up to Dallyanne in pillows of soft down peacock feathers and gazed into her emerald eyes.
"Tell me Dallyanne, tell me of your secret treasures"

Dallyanne was gleeful and she pulled out a little journal from under their bed. She began to read from her last posting.

"When I was very young, I came across a curious little pathway. It led through gardens of orchids and ferns that were ten and twenty feet tall. The orchids changed colors as I passed them. At first glance they were glowing with the yellow of the sun. As I walked deeper into the forest they changed into orange then pink and later a lovely lavender. I spent months on end with a book on orchids matching their glow with their name. I later named them all individually...each and every flower."

Dallyanne stopped for a moment, kissing the cheek of Entloff and stroked his hair.

"It's true you know Entloff, all of it. If you understood the life of each flower and their sensitive side you would never be the same. I named each and every flowering orchid because it was neccessay, everyone needs a name, don't you think?"

Entloff held her close, no reason to push her spirit down to match his disbelief. There was no one around to judge either one of them. He was torn but this was an orchid in itself and he decided to cherish the moment.

"Yes my dear Emmie, everyone deserves a name."

to be continued....


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