Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"It Smells Like Silence"

a song:

It smells like silence
The kind where no one cares
Your clothes are filled with the fragrance
of someone who left
If I wash them for you
will the memories be removed?
Or has all the fighting
that suffocates the loving
worn the deeper groove?

It smells like silence
and isn't silence cold?
the ribbons have unraveled
no future to hold
A hint of life discarded
you packed and sent away
tidy little sentiments
of warmer days

I suppose I could wash these clothes
and no one will ever know
Only you ... for the fragrance will be gone
But then there's all that silence left behind
miles of better dreams and saner songs
mingled with the scenes of loveless eyes

It smells like silence
the kind where no one cares.

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