Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"Those Sensitive People"

Born on a day so silent it chilled even the kindest of hearts, Entloff rang out a cry, loud enough to call upon the truest soul, alive enough to call upon the Emerings. Entloff was a hope.
Entloff was born to the King and Queen of Besteel. Besteel was a kingdom of silence, deep in the darkness of lost love. It was located near the Sea of Ganezia where legends tell of broken dreams.

On the night of Entloffs conception the King and Queen came together with the same routine as a days arrival and a days end. Without the magic of songbirds in the spring or the warmth of a summers day. Courage did not rise in the Kings longings nor soothing breezes in the Queens hair. There was no life in the land...except for the spark of Entloff.

One a chilly winters night, soon after the birth of Entloff, the Queen took ill and died. The King stood mourning but could not strike up a tear that did not exist. Somewhere in the Kings heart there was a passion. If only he could find it.

One evening, while riding on the shoreline of the Sea of Ganezia, the King spied a most glorious creature. She had been swimming under the moon. It was as if she belonged there. As she approached he had to turn his eyes from her. He felt so overcome with passion he feared she might not be for real. As she stood before him he looked down upon her from his white horse. He could smell the fragrance that came from a wreath upon her head of orchids and stephanotis gathered together with ribbons and tiny glistening emeralds. He felt that she was a gift from the sea.
"My name is Dallyanne" she said breaking the silence.
He smiled down at her. She would always be Emmie to him, because of the emeralds set on her flowered crown.
to be continued....

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