Saturday, September 24, 2005

"Those Sensitive People"

A continuing story (rough draft) that began in previous postings.
This is a song that played in King Entloff's heart when he felt himself losing Dallyanne, his dear Emmie to insanity.

"Memories That Burn"

Pardon my staring
at dreams going by
unguarded moments
and mirrors that fly

Each time I've relished
the winged in a word
a moon full of heartbeats
and memories that burn

Pardon my staring
I thought that I knew you
Your eyes toast a signal
to fly through the loops

Yet your chalice seems empty
your frown can be heard
I thought that I knew you
yet pause... I'm unsure

Moments I play on
secrets I hold
who challenges teardrops
if you cover your soul?


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