Saturday, October 01, 2005

"Those Sensitive People"

a continuing story...

Dallyanne continued on with her musings and tales,

"As I spent time discovering each new orchid, naming them only after I was sure their name was fitting, I grew to love them individually. They are very charming and witty you know Entloff."

Entloff smiled and reflected on the sweet calm that had settled over him while listening to his Emmies softness. All the things that he had loved about her were here between them,as they lie in their bed. Her emerald eyes glistened with the same unmistakable magic.

Dallyanne went on,

"One day, when I was only seven. I came across a crystal clear secret pond Entloff. This pond has become my peace. The pond, the Emerings, they are the source of all of my poems and songs, my paintings, for which I am blessed. The greater gift though is the sense of awe at all that I see and feel...everything I smell and eat. Besides you my darling Entloff it is the most important thing in my life... my seed, my tree."

... "Entloff," Dallyanne whispered softly

"I am an Emering."

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