Sunday, October 02, 2005

" Till Time Is Right"
a song:
We sat at the kitchen table
as her tears most freely fell.
She said she'd like to tell me
of a friend she'd never met.
Her husband had left years ago
upon her own request.
but since that time she's been alone
and alone is a lonely plan.

'Till time is right
'till time is right
we only have one life to live
but still the rules apply.
We'll wait
'till the time is right

She had spied a stranger
while sitting in the sun.
The moment that their eyes locked
she felt her soul
A friend had planned a dinner
to introduce their lives.
Formal invitations
she waited
'till the time was right.

One night she was out driving
along a lone ravine.
A car crash did seem suspect
a car that she had seen.
And when she called
and asked her friend
if what she feared was true
she said that yes..
he left a note to say
I'm lonely too.

Who knows why or when we'll meet again.
If we'll crawl or if we'll fly.
But I know one thing
that's clear
lost time
fell from my mother's eyes.

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