Friday, October 07, 2005

"Those Sensitive People"

a continuing story....

Dallyanne went on to describe when she first sighted the Emerings.
"I first saw glimpses of them by the river bank.... and you know, the River Sastoon flows quickly and rests then quickly and rests again and then joins with the Sea of Ganezia. This is where the Emerings live. A small colony of Emerings had ventured out to collect shimmerings, which are tiny tokens of life that the river forgot to return to the sea. The colony had made a temporary home at the bottom of my secret pond. Because of the Emerings presence orchids grew and nature flourished. It is their gift back to the land whenever they venture out. Little spots they share their essence with. I used to go to the pond to sing songs and write poetry. I often took my watercolors and painted the images of all the orchids I had met there."
The Emerings had indeed fallen in love with Dallyanne as they watched her lovingly stoke the mood of the orchids who lived there. After a period of time they decided to trust her and make themselves visible to this swan like creature named Dallyanne. One by one their tender little hearts were revealed to her much the same as the orchids. As she had carefully named and cared for each and every orchid she also tenderly cared for each Emering... one by one, a friend at a time.
to be continued....

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